WW running 8 months pp


I went for a run for the first time post-prolapse. And it felt great! In fact, the nagging urge to pee I always have while walking was totally gone during the run. What a blessing! My run was very conservative. I did only a mile with intervals of running, then walking. All in all, I probably only ran a half mile (on toes and in posture). I am concerned about worsening my prolapse, however. How much is too much? Does 3 days a week of this amount of running seem reasonable? When I started weight lifting again, I also did a more conservative workout, felt great, and then prolapsed. What to do?

Hi strawberry,
How much or how long is really subjective for any of us. If you start to feel symptomatic, then you are probably doing too much, or are not maintaining, or falling out of posture during an activity. If you cannot maintain the posture during an activity, then stop and revisit it another time. Sometimes we just need to build up to a certain level of comfortability over time.

You are right, Aging gracefully. I will focus on the quality of the running rather than the quantity. I am just so excited about this style of running! So light and smooth! When I discovered my prolapses, running did not seem like a possibility anymore. But my successful run yesterday not only gave me relief but hope. I can't even express how that moment changed my attitude about prolapse. So much of the fear has melted away and I'm starting to see new possibilities. And also my glasses broke yesterday so I had to wear contacts on the run and I was feelin' this Clark Kent/Superman kinda thing........

Well, good for you superwoman!! You will find many aha moments as you continue this work, and finding that you don't have fear of your prolapse is a big one to overcome. So congratulations on the positive aspects of your journey!