Hello everyone!

I am about eight weeks postpartum and have a cystocele. I was wondering if anyone has had any irregular bleeding while having this? I know it's not my period because I had that about two weeks ago. Is this normal? Should I be alarmed? Thanks!!!


I had no bleeding due to cystocele, but I had post partum bleeding up to three months after birth whenever I overdid it. I'm really surprised that you've had a period at 6 weeks pp. I guess I'm only surprised becasue I always nursed and that kept my period away for several months after birth. So perhaps it's normal to have a period then. You may want to talk to you ob about your bleeding now, but I really doubt it has anything to with the cystocele especially being so new in the postpartum time as you are. Jane

I have never heard of any bleeding due to a cystocele. Seems somehow unlikely. I am also very surprised that you would be having your period already. Many women bleed up to 6 weeks post partum. Would it be possible that both your "period" and the bleeding now is still pp bleeding...?

If you are concerned, it is a good idea to see a doctor.

take care,

I had the same thing with the bleeding as well. About 5 weeks after I had my daughter, I started my period and I was bleeding so bad, I was soaking through a pad every hour and it scared me bigtime, I ended up going to the emergency room and they did a vaginal ultrasound on me and said my hormones were kinda screwed up. Now fast forward 4 months later, I am still having irregular periods. I also know that the first period after your pregnancy can be irregular and it is pretty much related to giving birth. I heard it can take about a year or longer before you go back to being normal again. I wish you luck with everything and if it makes you feel better, call your doctor and have them check you out. I hope you feel better soon!!