Dear Ladies,
(Especially who have rectocele), I just want to tell you, that Luised's LOPO is a miracle.
Easy to learn it and it gives back your body:) I often read here that so many ladies have problems with evacuating, or they need splinting. I strongly rocommend to search for it in the forum. I have big rectocele and since I learned this technique I haven't had any "trapped" poo, I can always fully empty my bowels.
Have a nice day! Budahazya

I agree that stretching forward in this way is anatomically brilliant for recovering from rectocele. It extends the pelvis into its essentially horizontal orientation, pulls the rectum up into its natural axis, and straightens out the rectocele pocket.

Hi Dear Buda,
Thankyou for posting your success with rectocele.
I tend to use the semi squat of the sumo wrestler so will see if I can adapt it further with Louiseds position.
When I started WW I did not understand how tipping forward on the seat helped rectocele, as it was facing downward, but Christine's lengthening explanation and gradual change in my strength to enable the sumo standing position has helped immensely.
I often get a U shaped BM which makes me wonder if it is shaped by the recocele.....so lopo could be the next experiment though I will try it standing semi squatting! Will report back!!

All the Best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Dear Aussie,
I started with your sumo position ( I learned it from Christine's great book Saving the Whole Women), it helped a lot, because before that sumo squat I was not able to evacuate at all. But many times I had some poo trapped, which never happens in lopo.
I wish you the best: Budahazya

Thank you so much for bringing this back to my attention! I've gone through using a footstool (physio suggestion that was quickly dropped after reading ww advice), back to 'normal' posture, sumo type squat and finally today I had the courage to try LoPo. Even though I'm ovulating (which would normally mean an uncomfortable day or rather few days for me) I'm feeling really great today and adopting this pose wasn't as scary as I'd somehow (stupidly) thought it might be! So much less pressure on all organs. Fingers crossed I can continue to benefit from this helpful technique!
Another huge thank you to the forum and another truth that I'm adding to the many I've learned in my time here.

In case anyone is wondering, here is the original LOPO thread. If there are others that members like, hope they will post them.