Calf cramps and The First Aid for Prolapse DVD


Has anyone else suffered with calf pain and cramps following the exercises in The First Aid for Prolapse DVD?

Perhaps I am taking things too fast! I am always in a hurry to get there and have been doing the beginners and first two parts of the advanced exercises plus the cool down over the past few days. I have suffered painful cramps in my calves at night and a dull ache in them for the rest of the day.


It is not uncommon to get a few aches and pains when starting something new and unfamiliar. I remember my calves feeling quite tight when I first started those exercises.
I would definetly slow down with them, and throw in some whole woman walking to balance out the calf muscles.
Best wishes.

Thank you Aging gracefully!

I normally go for a 45 minute walk at daybreak but the last two days have been really busy with late nights so I have missed them. Maybe that's the cause of the cramps.

Slowing down a little on the ballet exercise and more walking makes great sense.

Hi Bubblyfish53,
I have had cramp at times in my feet, and less often in the calves, and it usually resolves itself, however I do take Magnesium orotate but more for helping with regularity.

I had to straighten out all my limbs very slowly - I had no idea how contracted they were and still have some morning stiffness, ( I started doing my WW exercises later in the day for some reason ( body knew best), and now it is hot will need to do them in the morning ) so take things gently.

The calf stretch is very useful for this and also the soles of the feet to prevent plantar fasciitis. A simple but very effective stretch.

I don't walk enough so aim to get more of into my days!

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

I just began also and am having cramps. I am so glad I am not alone in this journey! So thankful for all these forums and help from everyone!

Hi Bubblyfish53

I had very sore calfs for my first few days, maybe weeks in WW posture. It's amazing how much I was not using my calfs in 'normal' western posture.

I have been doing WW posture for nearly 2 years and I have not done some of the advanced stuff yet. I used to throw myself into everything and push too hard but I take a slower road now. The letting, go and relaxing road has done me so much good - it was a gift of prolapse for me.

The other day I got very little sleep to do with sick kids and my prolapse was right down in the morning. It was just a reminder to me how important rest is too.

All the best on your WW journey.