33 weeks, anterior cervix


Hi ladies,
I have never had my prolapse diagnosed, but it happened sometime in the postpartum period after having my third child, who was very large and experienced a shoulder dystocia. I noticed my cervix much lower than usual (just a few inches up my vagina) and decided I must have a uterine prolapse. I am now 33 weeks pregnant with my fourth and feeling like I am having more uterine activity than is normal for me. I have actual painful contractions sometimes with exercise when I used to just have painless tightening. I barely made it through sex a few nights ago because of the strong painful contractions, whereas usually I only experience painful contractions after I have already had an orgasm. I decided to check my cervix for the first time this pregnancy and it is already completely anterior and very softened, although not dilated yet. It is more 'coned' open. I usually give birth spontaneously in the 40th to 41st week. I'm starting to wonder if I should be worried about preterm labor. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Genniemom,

Thanks so much for writing and sharing what you are experiencing. I wish we could help, but this is really outside the WW knowledge base. I am sending prayers and good wishes for a positive outcome and so hope you will keep in touch and let us know how you and baby are doing. We will be happy to help you in your weeks and months postpartum.

Many blessings and best wishes,


Hi Genniemom - A cervix that is several inches away from the opening may be low for you, but it is not unusual at all for a woman who is on her fourth babe. Every birth changes our bodies, and every birth is different. This may or may not account for the increased uterine activity you are feeling. As Christine says, this part of your journey is a little beyond the scope of our prolapse discussions here.

But we hope you will be back soon, because the immediate weeks post-partum are a very critical time for either helping or aggravating prolapse. I see you joined here almost three years ago, so of course I'm wondering if you have been working on Whole Woman posture and tools to stabilize and reverse prolapse.

Please check back and let us know how you made out! - Surviving

Thanks so much for the responses. I officially joined recently, but I have been lurking since I discovered my prolapse after my last birth. I will keep everyone posted about how my birth goes for informational purposes. It's frustrating not being able to find any information, but I have discovered some anecdotes of women whose births happened weeks earlier after experiencing a prolapse. I am just trying to take it easy and focus on good postures for now.