Still enjoying the Whole Woman journey



It's been ages since I last posted. My body continues to change and I continue to manage my symptoms using WW work :-)

Recently I got "Save Your Hips" and boy...I'm glad I finally did! The exercises are simple, but I can't believe how much I really needed them. Dealing with fascia has been so important in my journey.
I've been very lucky to be able to get some quality myofascial release, but it's no substitute for doing WW hip work. I believe it was your testimony Aussie Soul Sister that inspired me to go for it!

Thanks to Christine, the moderators and all of the women sharing their journeys here. The WW work has made living with prolapse not just manageable, but empowering.

In gratitude,

Thanks Snapcracklepop for bringing us up to date! A great reminder of the impact Whole Woman work has on the whole body. It's about so much more than prolapse. We all have our issues and there is something for each of us in every one of Christine's works. I hope everyone here can persevere on this journey until they discover what a blessing this discovery was. Keep us posted! - Surviving

Dear Snapcracklepop,
Thankyou for your progress update.
I am so glad you found the Hips DVD helpful.
For me it is the foundation to work from, though I am able to do the other DVDs now also and learn Scottish Country Dancing and to run.
The First Aid for Prolapse DVD ballet positions for the feet are used in the dancing - it is amazing how things unfold in our journeys.

WW is certainly the best foundation we can give our bodies and souls!

Aussie Soul Sister