stiff muscles


I find that I'm not able to accomplish some of the positions in the workouts, I can't sit on my legs or sit cross legged very well I'm looking for suggestions on how to accomplish this.


Hi beingsafe and welcome. Many women have lost this flexibility through improper posture and lack of use of the muscles and ligaments. If you have no health issues that would prevent it, you should work on this slowly and gradually. You should see improvement; how much will depend on your age and other factors. But don't overdo. Take it slowly and feel free to modify any of the moves that are difficult for you. - Surviving

I had the same problem, very stiff. I put a cushion between my legs which helped a lot. Crossing my legs is getting easier, not really comfy but manageable.

Yes, a pillow between bottom and feet when on knees creates a nice cushion. Also, you can slightly tuck a pillow under your bottom when attempting to sit cross legged on the floor. It helps tilt you forward a bit and maintain lumbar curvature.
These positions take time to work into, especially if you haven't done them for awhile, so easy does it.

Hi beingsafe,
Yes, I had the same problem, however I started with the save your Hips DVD as I needed to work on them.
Some of the exercises are done in a chair, like the new kegels, arm, neck and head ones.
Others are done standing and more are done on a mat.

Many of the exercises on the DVDs are transferable from sitting on the floor or chair to standing and some lying down.

I found that my arms and legs were even difficult to straighten at first!
I took the exercises very slowly and it did take time, probably the longest to sit cross - legged for any length of time.
Sitting on my feet and knees I found better with a cushion at first, and now my feet are much stronger I can sit on them.

I like the butterfly I think it is called where you lie on the floor (keeping the lumbar curve with a small cushion under that if needed), and lower the hips, with bent knees and meet the feet together at the soles.
I do that one often when lying down and I think it helps with my sitting cross legged as well.

Hope this helps,
Aussie Soul Sister

Ah yes, the butterfly! Good point Aussie Soul Sister! That is a very relaxing position to get a good stretch without over doing.