Need help again


A quick overview...i found this site 4 years ago when i discovered i had uterine prolapse pretty bad after my 7th child. I recovered well with using uour exercises abd reading the book. But now here i am 4 years later ad two more babies. I now have bewn told from my ob gyn that i have cystocele. And it feels like its really low. I am not very symptomatic but i am struggling
with the squishy feeling and constant air bubbles. Is uterine prolapse and cystocele one of the same or is one worse than thw other? I am going to keep trying the posture and fire breathing but feeling scared that now im really out of shape down there. I think your work is great!

If you are not very symptomatic after 9 babies, I'd say you are doing pretty well! Yes, there is a difference between uterine prolapse and bladder prolapse (cystocele) and for more information I would direct you back to your copy of Saving the Whole Woman, because it sounds like it might be time for a refresher. There are also links on the left side of the home page with articles about each type of prolapse. When you say you are going to keep trying the posture, does this mean you are having trouble with it? I think we need a little more background. - Surviving