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I last accessed this life-changing site four years ago when looking for help with prolapse issues. I worked hard to re-learn how to stand, walk and run properly which addressed the prolapse in four weeks, and started drinking red clover tea which helped alleviate menopausal problems like hot flashes, disrupted sleep and vaginal dryness. I have been singing Whole Woman's praises ever since to family, friends, and my family doctor.

Recently, some dental problems forced me to go on two separate courses of antibiotics which led to a stubborn vaginal infection. I tried a few days on each of the folkowing: plain yoghurt, honey and coconut oil, but ended up trying a one-day dose of Caneston, then a three-day course of Monistat. Still experiencing irritation--no discharge and hardly any itching--just the burning. I've cut sugar and gluten out of my diet for a couple of weeks, (but did back slide with wine at two social events). Am I being too impatient with the natural products? I just don't remember it taking so long to heal when I had my last infection about 15 years ago. I assume this is a yeast infection because I did have oral thrush at the end of the second dose of antibiotics which appears to be over, thank goodness. If this isn't a yeast infection, what else could I try?

Thanks, sorry for the lengthy post.

No-drip Faucet

Hi No drip Fuacet,
Since you have been on antibiotics, you may have diminished your natural gut and vaginal flora. Introducing fermented foods into your diet can help replenish these helpful bacteria into your system. Christine has been talking about this for some time now, and I have found much relief myself, gut wise with including these in my diet.

Also, some of the ladies here, including Christine, have used a spray bottle solution of water and cider vinegar alternately with the honey on a daily basis for awhile, and have reported great results.

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