Hips DVD for men?


Would the Hips DVD be beneficial for men as well?

Specifically in dealing with potential arthritis and facing possible hip replacement surgery?

Absolutely positively!!!

UglyDuckling - yes my favourite DVD!
I healed my hip/s with using this DVD after being in the posture for a while.

The posture has to be foundational to everything else and the hips DVD can do the rest.
I took things very slowly and consistently.
I can now dance and do so much more, sleep and walk hip, and knee pain free, also healing an old foot and ankle injury... & sooo much more....

Best Wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thanks! Going to get it for my mom's husband who is facing potential hip replacement!

I can't seem to find the DVD only and I know he won't read the book.

The hips DVD is not a substitute for the book. It contains the exercises, but it's not sold by itself.

Anyone facing possible hip replacement would certainly be motivated to do something above and beyond their normal daily routine - that includes reading a book. As with many things in life.....you can't spoon-feed this knowledge to someone who isn't motivated. If I were you, I'd go ahead and get the set for him; then at least you can say you tried. - Surviving