7 weeks PP uterus and bladder prolapse


I have three kids: all vaginal deliveries, the first was 7lbs, second was 8lbs (2 hr labor) and the last was 9lbs (45 min labor). During my last pregnancy I had severe frontal pelvic pain, the doctor didn't think much of it, but my PT cousin thought my hips had probably
Misaligned. I felt better once I had he baby. I am currently 7weeks PP. About a week and half ago I went to the ER with what I thought was a uterus prolapse. The on call doctor had me examine myself in a mirror and what I saw was absolutely horrifying- an organ hanging out of me! When I made it to the ER they examined me and said it was very mild and when I got home I looked in the mirror again and everything looked normal! I went to the doctor the next day and she said it most likely wasn't my uterus because my cervix was "nice and high" that it was probably my bladder. I will admit I regretfully didn't recovery from delivery like I should have, I was out pulling weeds and digging up trees and deep cleaning our house at 3 weeks PP. I just felt so good and I was happy to have my body back, if I only knew... The doctor stressed KEgels and not to lift anything heavy (my 2nd child is 35lbs and two y/o so that's tough. Well within a few days there it was again. My PT cousin said to just do pelvic floor exercises and make sure I stand up straight! A few days later it was almost completely gone! So I relaxed on the exercises she had given me and boom there it is again, like I'm walking around with a tampon falling out of me.
I have made an appointment with a uro-gyno, but until then, does this sound normal to you? Can a prolapse come and go like this?

Note: I don't want surgery, but I want my life back. I want to run and be active with my boys! My mom had the mesh surgery 14 years after her last child. But she says her prolapse was definitely not as severe as mine. I would like one more child, but as a long time battler of PCOS it's already a miracle that I have three!

Yes, everything you have written is absolutely positively normal. The pelvic organ support system responds to pretty much everything you do, for better or worse.

Surgery is the worst possible way to address this condition, and since urogyns are surgeons, you don't have much to gain by going there. That is every woman's choice, but please be armed with some other information to counter and offset the wealth of bad information that is being fed to prolapsed women. You can start by watching this:


Apologies if you can't view the video; some parts of the site are currently in a state of transition.

I hope you will take a very hard look at what the Whole Woman work has to offer - especially if you have any hip issues at all. Since you have found our forum I'm sure you've realized that we have something unique to offer here, that has changed many many lives for the better. - Surviving

Hi Larissa,
I can't recommend you engage with the WW approach highly enough! In my opinion the WW approach is your best bet for recovery/management of pelvic organ prolapse. Surgery is fraught with potential problems & definitely best avoided if at all possible.

There are lots of WW resources available on-line or hard copies. There are also an increasing no of wonderful WW practitioners & Christine is also available for consultations. The website also has a host of information, guidance & support available for free. These are all investments in your health & happiness. Access what's appropriate & possible for you.

Wishing you all the best,