Egoskue with Whole Woman?



Q #1) Has anyone tried, or does anyone know if Egoskue could help in training our bodies/muscles to keep the WW posture? I try my best to consciously keep the WW posture throughout the day, but if I'm not focused on it, or have a really busy/distracting day, I do find myself slipping.

I did Egoskue about 5 years ago way before my prolapse for a hurt knee that I was experiencing when I ran. So I am fairly familiar with the process of it, but not with how it would relate to prolapse or WW posture. My Egoskue teacher's philosopy on it is that it trains the muscles/skeleton to do what it's supposed to do (stay properly aligned) in the resting state. So that you don't have to constantly be thinking and correcting your body trying to keep "posture" in various ways.

Which leads kinda to my second question... if anyone knows...

Q) Is what Egoskue considers proper alignment/posture the same thing as WW defines it as? If not, how are they different?

Thanks so much!

P.S. Just want to make clear that I am not asking questions whether to do Egoskue INSTEAD OF WW, but in connection with. Thanks!


I have not googled this term and have never heard of it. Therefore I don't know if the posture principles are similar or not, and if you can't answer that question yourself, you probably aren't far enough along in the WW work to judge.

Forming any new habit is just a matter of being extremely mindful, for as long as it takes. We've all done it, so we know that anyone can, but there are no shortcuts.

Training your body to do something "in the resting state" doesn't seem particularly relevant to WW, since the important work is done when we are on our feet, using gravity, breathing, and the weight of the organs to help us keep them held forward and reshape our spine. What we do when lying down isn't of much significance for pelvic organ support. - Surviving

If you are having trouble "remembering to remember", Christine has a great little video with suggestions. Remember there's a sale going on right now.

Thanks Surviving!

Don't quote me on this, but I THINK Egoskue's alignment is the plumbline approach aka. hips should be backed up and lined up above ankles, shoulders above hips, letting stomach relax, head back and crown pulled up. Which I believe from all I've been able to take away from the WW resources I have, is very similar to WW? But I am just still not sure if it is 100% the same. Sometimes I am still confused with the chest part..... knowing shoulders down is helpful, but when we pull up with the chest, do we we also lift and thrust our rib cage or not? activate back muscles or shoulder blades at all or try to only lift with front? those are the little things that I am still unsure about, and find hard to counsiously think about 24/7 when I'm running around carrying kids, cooking quickly, etc. as it all involves my arms/upper body and often don't get to think about anything but the task at hand.

As for the "resting state" term, they are not talking about lying down. They mean when you are not acively trying to correct something with your body (like in the case of doing exercises, stretches, or consciously just trying to keep a body part in place; where if you just let go, it wouldnt stay that way without you thinking about it and holding it there).

I don't really see it as a shortcut, as the exercises would take some time out of the day at first to do, but eventually as the body learns to memorize the muscle patterns (according to egoskue) you have to do less and less until it becomes nature. Again, similar I believe to WW's approach? But instead of trying to keep a posture, if you have a weak spot (like super tight muscles in back that makes it hard for your body to remember or want to pull up properly all the time) Egoskue would help and work with you to strengthen the mobility in the weak spots so you can get in to the posture properly and be able to keep it better.

Does that make sense? Hard to summarize their whole philopsopy in a few paragraphs (especially not being an Egoskue teacher myself) but that's the jist at least according to my undestanding. :)

I have not read through these old posts, but you might find something of interest in these search results.

Thanks Surviving! I did that search about a month ago, but did not see the answers to these specific questions.