elderly not strong enough to get on all fours to empty bladder


Anyone have other postures or tricks and positions for emptying retained urine from a dropped bladder in someone who can not do the posture on all fours because of cognitive issues or lack of strength. The hope is that some other movements will get possible bacteria to move into other areas of the bladder to get flushed out with the next cup of mannos or pau darcho tea....or other remedy.


Hi Chickenfeet - do you think she can do this, right before she goes to the bathroom? Lean forward a little, massage and jiggle her belly so that the organs can move in that direction, away from the vagina, and then sit down, still leaning somewhat forward? I don't know if this will be enough to sufficiently reposition things so that the bladder is tipped in the right direction.....hopefully you will get some other suggestions. - Surviving

Thank you for input Surviving. .. yes I do stuff like that. How often do you think this needs to be done?

I would say, whenever she needs to use the bathroom, if there's time. - Surviving