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i wouldlike to thank God for this forum which has brought great results for me.I was on the verge of losing hope and confidence but what i learnt from here is truly amazing.After delivering my third baby and after about six months i started having chronic costipation which led me to so much straining which made me think i was having hemorroids or something worse .I could get into the toilet for more than 30mins without anything coming out.One day when i was in toilet i felt something like moving out and i thought it was my uterus .The following day i went to the doctor who said that i had a bladder prolapse and also tha my rectum had prolapsed.I was sent to a physiotherapist for 2 months but noting really changed and was so depressed and was losing confidence even in bed.When i viewed this site i just felt that i have found my answers but my problem was i didnt know how to purchase the Dvd's and material needed to change the prolapse since i leave in africa.I then went on the forum and followed on the instructions that were given to those who had the same problems as me.The fire breathing exercises i dont know if i were doing them correctly but i did what i could to try to do as was said on the forum like being on your knees breathing in and out.I also added squats as was instructed here and wow the results are completely amazing. I can say confidently that i am prolapse free and back to my virgin self( just for laughs)..Whenever i went to the toilet to pee or do number 2 the first thing to come out was the prolapse but right now nothing comes out even if i try to force it out and at first i thought my uterus had come out without me knowing then i realised that everything was back in place .However i am producing too much gas because of the firebreathing .Also for how long should i keep on doing the exercises since i am symptom free .

Hi micaela and welcome,
You will find most of what you need from the whole woman work itself, and also that this is much more about the natural posture that we need to get back to than about a set of exercises. Once you have learned and maintain the posture, many of your symptoms will be relieved.
Getting constipation under control is also very important, because straining on the toilet is very bad for prolapse. A good diet can help in this area the best. Much discussion of that here on the forum.
If money is an issue, Christine has come up with a new economical video series, just to get you started into this very important work here:

After that, there are many great DVDs, books, and online courses to choose from in the whole woman store, including some great work for the postpartum moms.
I started with the Saving the Whole Woman book and the First Aid for Prolapse DVD. These were a wonderful and thorough introduction into this work.

I will try to read through the link and see what's best for me. My main concern is whether I should continue since I am symptom free.

The Whole Woman work is not primarily an exercise program. It teaches you how to return to natural female posture, which you will be doing for the rest of your life. There is a great deal more at stake here, than just your prolapse symptoms. There is lots to learn and now is the time to get started. - Surviving

thank you so much i will go through much information i get here and try to get the online videos so that i mantain the whole woman posture .Generally this forum is the best forum for women especially those with prolapse problems and am so glad i found it .Thanks

Hi micaela,
The forum is a great support when just finding out about or engaging in the whole woman work, but it really shouldn't be used as your only source of information when dealing with prolapse issues. The work itself is so much more indepth and downright eyeopening when you start getting into it.
I am guessing that the few exercises that you found on here have little to do with your being symptom free at this point and more to do with the relief of constipation and postpartum healing that you are going through. In all likelihood, another bout of constipation can bring on these symptoms again. That is why it is so important to get a good dietary regiment going to prevent constipation to begin with. Christine also teaches us good toileting position, and tells us not to strain against the toilet seat.
I myself, didn't get prolapse until a later age. I had my babies and was symptom free for years, but prolapse has a way of sneaking up on you. That's why really learning everything you can about the posture now is so important, so that you can continue to have symptom free days more often for a lifetime.

I too was quite bulgy after the births of each of my babies. This seemed quite normal to me at the time, and it did go away on its own for awhile. It was only after menopause that the prolapse really came back in a big way. At your stage of life, you have a good opportunity to nip the whole thing in the bud, but you'll need to get going. - Surviving

Thanks for those wise words I will engage myself more into the work as you have said .Thank you so much. I'm so grateful

Hi I am new to this forum as I said recently. I do have a question. I have a pessary in me for five days now. I have ordered some material from this website. I would like to know if anyone here has had a pessary in for a period of time , like months or years as my doctor will be checking mine in 3 months I regret to say. I am 64 and I no way want to do it but I wish I was not so scared about that. I just wonder if anyone has had one in for months or years and if I get better with the information I will be receiving--could I get my doctor to take it out. There is probably no way to answer that I realize. I know it stretches the vagina and I am scared that if it was ever taken out even if I was better that it could cause me problems having been in me for a while say months. I am sorry to be soo confusing. If anyone can give me their thoughts I would appreciate them about this. Thank you.mimi64

Hi mimi,
We can't really speculate how long it would take for you to notice the adverse affects of wearing a pessary. All we do know about is what women come back here and report to us. Some can go years wearing one, and then find that since it is keeping the vagina open, it stops working effectively, while other women are uncomfortable wearing one right away, and sometimes they just fall right out. Some women develop sores from wearing them, so there really are many different stories that can be found here on the forum.
Type pessary in the search box for other threads discussing pessaries; you should find plenty.

Thank you much