I was wondering if there is anyone else on here from the UK?

Hi Mothership - we have members from the UK and from all parts of the globe. We also have a practitioner in the UK, check out the link above. - Surviving

I am from the UK and have been a regular visitor to this brilliant site for the past two years or so. I have also been very happy with the help and advice which Lindy , the lovely practitioner in Devon, was able to give me on our one to one consultation.
I asked her if she could put me in touch with other uk wholewoman enthusiasts but she could not find anyone then . I believe she would give u my email adress if u asked for it and I would be happy to share thoughts and experiences with u or just chat on line. I think we all know it is a subject u cannot usually bring up easily with friends,,sad that! This forum is wonderful for support but too essential for small chat to waste timei feel. I will contact Lindy again and ask her to put us in touch with each other and so if u contact her too it could happen! Good luck on your journey here and in life!

I too am in the UK. I am very new to the site and the whole WW approach, but am using it none-stop for advice and technical tips. I also had a skype with Lindy and asked about other UK ladies. So, hi Mothership and everhopeful!!

I have just joined and I'm from the uk. Has anyone got contact details for Lindy ? I also have adrenal fatigue and anxiety with panic attack and this has set me right back. Has anyone else struggled with the posture ? I'm trying to pick it up from this forum but its not easy. Has anyone experienced the feeling of being too scared to get on with their daily lives ?

See Practitioners tab above for Lindy's information. Posture is pretty basic but is not intended to be learned from the forum. Check the WW store. - Surviving

Hi mummyduck13 and welcome,
First take a deep breath.
We all started this journey scared and feeling alone in this, but once finding Christine's work, we know that we are not alone, and that with this work, we can get our lives back again. Christine has filled her store with so much wonderful information, exercises, and every day living tips that we can follow.
It does get better.
I too suffered adrenal fatigue, panic attacks, and extreme anxiety. Mine was brought on at the beginning of perimenopause, and just not taking care of myself. I went to lots of doctors, a therapist, and searched like crazy online. What I found was that it was a process of diet, exercise, and meditation that finally brought me to a good place. I cut out sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and hormone laden foods. I wasn't much into meditation, but long walks and Christine's yoga did wonders for my relaxing methods. I also got one of those adult coloring books and colored like crazy for awhile. It took me a couple of years, and with Christine's work helping me with prolapse, I am in the best place I have ever been.
Don't short cut yourself; invest in the work, and do some serious investigating. You can find that good place too.
Best wishes to you.

Hi Aging gracefully, thank you so much for your comments and support. It is so helpful to know things can improve. I too am perimenopause. I was doing well with improving the adrenal fatigue until the prolapse.A combination of very stressful life events lead to adrenal fatigue, but i am working with diet, supplements, bowen and EFT. I have recently discovered the work of Joe Dispenza and have started to meditate. I seem to very quickly go from being positive to being very down. I have ordered some whole woman dvds which will hopefully help me to master the posture, as I feel this is the way forward for me.

I just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year to u. If by any chance u did want to chat about life and dealing with prolapse in the uk I would be happy for Lindy or Lanny to put us in touch with each other,just a thought! You would have to contact them if u r interested.

Thanks for the helpful comments. I'm finding I'm positive one minute then very down the next. Does anybody else experience this? It's going to take a while for the book and DVDs to come so I'm trying on my own. Very difficult! How much improvement have you all managed to make?

Hi mummyduck - Bear in mind that WW posture is not something contrived or invented.....it is simply a return to the natural posture we all had as children, before we were taught to pull in and tighten our bellies. Look around at children, notice the lovely lumbar curvature, the belly held forward....when we return to this spinal shape, there is room to cradle the pelvic organs and they can start to move out of the vaginal space. It can take time. I noticed the biggest change in my second year. The organs are always moving around, and as we go throughout our day, there may be times when we aren't always in optimal position for them. But mindfulness will eventually make this fairly automatic most of the time. I still need to think about my posture when I lift. I don't always use the best toilet position. I'm not all that careful in the car during my relatively short commute (lower back support really helps). All these things add up and will determine your ups and downs to a large degree. The point is you will learn that you can largely control this, and you can let go of the fear. Living freely without the fear is the biggest gift of this work. - Surviving

Thank you for your words of wisdom. It is only since this has happened that I have realised how far from a natural posture mine is. Over the years I have become very slumped, which is probably why I have so many aches and pains now I'm trying to be more upright. I have booked a Skype session with Lindy so I can learn where I'm going wrong. I have ordered the whole woman materials as well to give my body a chance to heal. Losing the fear would be amazing as I've really lost my life at the moment. At times I'm even scared to walk . I really need to walk as although I have lost 6 stone I still need to lose more, which I am sure will help as well.

Mummyduck - lots of mindful posture walking is great for body and mind. Probably doesn't do much when it comes to losing weight. But here's the point - a little excess weight is NOT bad for prolapse, despite what some people think, and I know this sounds counter-intuitive. But it all has to do with gravity and weight-loading from above. When posture is correct, some added weight from above only accentuates the dynamics of pelvic organ support. The point is to keep the vagina as a closed, airless space. I have proven this to myself by putting things on my head, and by walking with heavy objects held close to my body (like my big tote bags that I'm always carrying around, full of whatever). It's really true. - Surviving

That is a very interesting thought, but unfortunately I need to lose another three stone, do I think it must be having an effect. In trying to revert to a more natural posture I'm finding I'm holding my pelvis and legs very tight. I know the lessons and DVDs will help and then I guess I will have to be more patient with myself . I really do want to overcome my fears and live life.