How long before posure becomes comfortable and normal?


I have been doing the posture and exercises for about three weeks now, even had a consultation with Christine, so I know my posture is good. However, I still hurt. My upper back hurts, my sciata hurts more, I am even now having some groin pain on both sides. I'm worried that maybe I have more hernias other than just the prolapse ones - like groin hernia. I can walk in posture just fine, but sitting I begin to ache. Should I already be there, am I doing something wrong? Or is it normal still at this stage to be aching from sitting in posture? Thanks!


Hi wantingagoodlife,
I remember some discomfort when first starting the posture and exercise, especially my hips, upper and lower back, but I was also trying to force the posture too much, and had to learn to relax into it. If you are keeping your belly relaxed and chest pulled up, you should start to feel a difference. It does take time though. I know I spent years maintaining a very bad posture, so It took time to mold my body back into the correct one.
Give yourself breaks when your body is getting tired, and especially don't force it to the point of pain.

I cannot say enough about WW posture. I feel so good, my chronic cough rarely flares up. I get compliments all the time on my posture. My back and hips don't hurt much anymore and best of all my prolapse hasn't become worse. It has taken 3 years.

At my Y exercise classes, I do WW exercises when the rest of the class are doing sit ups.

Thanks for checking in, and sharing your success. This is a good reminder that once we are living in the posture, we can make our own decisions about exercise, knowing what is and isn't good for us. You don't have to stay home and exercise alone. You can go out to a class and do the moves in posture, and if something just isn't good, you do something else. Good for you and keep it up! - Surviving

I hurt more in the beginning also. I was trying too hard. Just pull up at the chest and everything will fall into place without trying. Use your buttock and upper legs for getting up from sitting. Squats are great, push way back with buttocks and keep your back in WW posture. Use your upper legs, not your back. You will get stronger and stronger.