35 weeks pregnant with postpartum prolapse


Along with nesting other signs of reality settling in are hitting me. I plan on having an unmedicated hospital birth. I have an amazing OB, but to be honest I'm really starting to wonder if a doula would be almost necessary this round to help me with labor positioning? I had a postpartum stage 3 cystocele and rectocele, but they greatly improved after I stopped breastfeeding my daughter at 14 months. My back has been killing me, specifically my tailbone, but otherwise my prolapse is still there, but not getting worse. I had been really worried about that! Any advice for me about a hospital birth ladies? Thanks in advance!

Hi Whidbey - I think it would be great to have someone there who can really advocate for you to birth in a natural position, not on your back as most hospitals seem to like so much! The 'celes do tend to get out of the way during birth, and we have many here who can attest that subsequent births did not worsen their prolapse. I hope you have been working on Whole Woman posture and have made a commitment to yourself to use this next post partum period to really show those 'celes who's the boss. Good luck to you! - Surviving

Hello and congrats on your upcoming arrival! My births were both in a hospital, with zero intervention. The one thing that I would definitely do differently was to have an advocate. I told everyone that I wanted zero intervention, so they kind of jist let it happen without helping too much, which I suppose is better than too much meddling, but I really could have used somebody who was knowledgeable about how to slow things down, speed things up, or do things gently. It was hard to stay in control and not damage myself which I think is why I agreed to push on my back, and why I think my prolapse happened in the first place. So do it! Get a doula because you only have one shot at giving birth to that baby! I will be very curious to see how things work out for you. Would you please keep us posted on how delivery and post partem goes? I am planning another baby too and would find your experience to be very very helpful. Best of luck to you!!!