are there any other instructions somewhere for the new kegels exercise?


I can't sit on my heels, so attempted to follow the new kegels exercise on all fours, but I just couldn't get it watching the video. I really want to make sure I'm doing this right as I don't want to worsen any prolapse - are there diagrams or other instructions somewhere showing a person on all fours??

(I tend to follow step by step diagrams with instructions better).



Hi snowdrops,
Not sure which materials you are going from? The basic breathing is the same no matter which exercises you are doing or what position you are doing them in. It's just a matter of breathing deeply into your belly letting your belly expand out, and then letting your breath out and letting your belly fall back naturally, or pulling belly in. All of Christine's videos have us breathing in this way.
The intensity of the breathing can change as with firebreathing, but it is all basically the same concept.
You could go on hands and knees, standing, knees and forearms, cross legged as shown in Christine's videos, sitting in a chair, etc. You can even throw some belly rolls in there while on hands and knees. Those feel great.

Hi Aging gracefully, thanks for your reply. I was trying to follow the new kegels video which is freely available on site but on all fours and had trouble picturing it at different angle. I wasn't sure how to hold my pelvis and behind while I breath in and out - whether i tip my pelvis at all or keep it still, and whether i squeeze my behind/ keep it relaxed, or to pull pelvic floor up at the same time as breathing in. Sorry if I'm making it more complicated - I just tried it for the first time before I order from the store.

Not sure where you got that video from; from my understanding it was removed. Hmm, maybe surviving can explain that one.
In the meantime, it might be best for you to actually invest in some material, because it is through Christine's actual work that you will get the clearest picture of what you should be doing and how you should be holding your body for the maximum benefit.

Yes, that video is available on the blog:

That is a series of clips from some of Christine's other videos, and as AG explained, it's all the same concept of movement and breathing that is taught throughout the WW work. You won't get terribly far just from those clips until you understand and start to internalize WW posture and principles. I'm glad you're getting started though. Keep us posted. - Surviving