Hi All from Cleo


I am sorry I missed wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as I had to go Doctors again. I am feeling ok and my prolapse has gone due to surgery on my colon. I had about 2 inches by 2 inches cut away. I didn't want this done but a woman doctor did this as I was rushed to hospital a year ago as they said my bowel had blocked up and I felt faint.. At the beginning I still had some rectal prolapse but now there is none. I had intussusception and it wasn't the best but I carried on like this with the help of you here for ten years or more. In about 5 years I wouldn't be surprised if it comes back again. I'm not sure what to eat as I only eat vegetarian and some fish. I'm trying to keep my bowel unblocked. The doctors are not very good when they tell me to eat anything I want. Anyway as I also had bowel cancer I still worry about the outcome of all this. Worrying doesn't help me either. I hope you are all well as I honestly have no symptoms now. I only ever felt faint once. I will let you know if I have anything go wrong again. I am trying hard to forget I am supposed to be so sick as I don't feel sick. This sounds confused doesn't it but I am now.

Hi Cleo - nice to hear from you. Sorry you have had more medical issues, but it sounds like you are taking things in stride and trying to see the silver lining. Glad you feel better! I wouldn't want to give you too much food advice, though I agree that "anything you want" is bad advice from a doctor (heaven knows they know nothing about nutrition). Make sure you're getting some fermented foods to keep your gut in healthy shape and not overtax your digestion. Keep moving, stay in posture. Vegetarians sometimes eat a lot of legumes, which are very healthy but not the easiest to digest; sometimes digestive enzymes can be a help here. Keep in touch! - Surviving

As a long term "Whole Starch Low Fat" plant eater my bowels move quickly, efficiently, & effortlessly! I would 100% check out his book Dr. McDougall's Digestive Tune-Up & join the WSLF healthy eating facebook group for support. Best luck to you :)

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Update - Mrs. Vegan's prolapse story starts here: