nauli - direction of movement


Hi there,
A quick question on direction of nauli. On the DVD Christine says to nauli counter-clockwise, I have double checked and this means up the left hand side of the body and down the right. Is there a reason to only do nauli counter-clockwise with POP or can you do it in both directions without a negative effect?


I have always found this confusing as well. It has to do with picturing the front of your body as the clock. The best explanation, I think, is in Yoga 3rd Wheel. I believe there is in fact a reason why the one direction is better than the other. I don't nauli because I've simply never put in the effort to master it (once I got firebreathing down), but if you can, you'll have one of the most powerful tools there is! - Surviving

Nauli is awesome, but ya, I don't know why the counter clockwise either. I know when we do belly rolls, as in 2nd wheel yoga, we roll both ways. Hmm, good question.

Ok, looked it up in the First Aid for Prolapse. Explanation is in the dictionary of movements. It is located on the lower right hand corner of the menu.

I attended the first conference in 2012, and participated in Christine's live demo. These are the notes I made for myself at the time (these are MY words):

"After a few firebreaths, stay in the vacuum position (after the exhale and when navel is pulled to spine) and circle your belly as you continue to hold your breath. She always says to do it counterclockwise, but I considered that what she was doing was clockwise. She was calling it counterclockwise because she was pretending that she had a clock on her chest. For me, as I look down at my belly moving rotating around the center of my body, to me it's clockwise."

Yoga 3rd Wheel had not been rolled out at that time, and as I said, I think that one contains the definitive explanation and demo of nauli. I have some other threads I like on the Forum, which I'll try to find. - Surviving

Good explanation is in First Aid for Prolapse, as I said above. Haven't checked third wheel, but will.
I always got confused by the clock reference, so I just went by her explanation of rotating up on left side and down on right.

Hi Aging gracefully, thank you for your comments. I downloaded my First Aid for Prolapse over the internet and unfortunately, it has no menu area, in fact the dictionary for movements in my format only discusses the dance postures and not not the breathing.
I believe I know which way Christine means (up on the left side and down on the right side of the body), as surviving60 says, it is mentioned in the 3rd Wheel, but I actually find it easier to do clockwise and wondered if it was equally beneficial? Or could it be done both ways?
Clockwise, which to me means up on the right side and down on the left, would seem to be to be better aligned with the intestinal tract, but maybe that is not relevant....? I am just curious as to the reasoning.

Your version should have the breathing in it too. Did you go all the way through it? She does explain why you shouldn't bring the muscles up on the right side as in traditional yoga in this section.
Looked in third wheel again, and it does explain how to do it also, but First Aid has a good explanation as to why we should only go up on left. There is actually better alignment of intestines and pelvic organs when you go up on the left.

Gosh no! Definitely not there. The second volume on my download is 25minutes and 38seconds long and only does the positions and associated movements. I would have liked that explanation!
But now I am confused again!!! You say the First Aid DVD says up on the right, which to me makes sense (to me - clockwise) and seems more natural (aligning with the intestine). On the 3rd Wheel it says up on the left (against the descending lower intestine). So there is definitely some ambiguity, isn't there?

Sanguine - may I suggest you work on firebreathing first, until that's totally mastered. Unless you are already there. - Surviving

Both dvds say go up on the left and down on right, as I have said above.
That's weird that the online version doesn't have the nauli. There is more natural alignment when you go up on left.

OK, got it! Up on left and down on the right. Thanks you both, I will practice. I am OK with the firebreathing and abdominal lifts as I am used to doing similar things in yoga, but am keen to do a movement specifically for POP.