Do you have tongue-tie? Does it effect WW from working?


Hi Everyone!

I'm new to this forum, just diagnosed last week at 3 weeks pp :( So far I've done a lot of reading on the fourm, purchased first aid DVD, and schedule a meeting with WW practitioner! Finding out this is all from poor posture makes me very depressed because I SUFFER from many chronic illness (TMJ, Visual Snow, Sleep Apena, now POP) all related to body structure. I've been down the posture path before with Egoscue & Alexander but always felt I could never quite get into the right postural form for change. My myofuctional therapist, TMJ denist, & Cranial DO have all told me it's my tougue tie from birth that has caused all my postural issues & hardships. They suggested I get my tougue released to assist my body correct itself, I kept putting it off because my husband wasn't on board with that idea. Now faced with a life changing prolapse that I would like to reverse or at least eliminate the symptoms I'm wondering if I should schedule the simple tongue release surgery?


My brother had that done when he was a kid, but it was because he was having trouble speaking words properly.
I also have TMJ and sleep apnea. The sleep apnea was greatly relieved by dietary measures and just plain losing some weight. I do still have some apnea on occasion, but it is usually if I have had alchohol or eaten some highly inflamatory foods.The TMJ isn't as bad as it was when I was younger. Keeping stress down helps with that.

With that said, Prolapse is postural in nature, and if you haven't learned the correct posture as with the Whole Woman posture, you won't feel the positive affects of it. Once you start studying this work, you will have so many aha moments that seem so simplistic, but are really all you need to help with prolapse.

Sure, some things could be related to other things, but the changes I made with my other conditions didn't affect my prolapse, but whole woman posture did.

In the WW POSTURE it says keep your tougue lightly rested on the roof of your mouth, if you can't get it to the roof of your mouth fully that's going to effect the outcome of the rest of your posture. I'm 120lbs 5'8 with sleep apnea, I eat a PERFECT Whole Foods diet nothing refined, processed, zero allergens & of course vegan. I'm in incredible health minus my structural issues. I'm guess I'm trying to point out if someone is really struggling with WW posture they should evaluate their tougue it might be the missing key.

Christine would be the best one to argue about tongue position, if it a fight you were actually looking for. She might have some insight into this.

But seriously, I have been doing this work for over 4 years, and haven't put a whole lot of thought into what my tongue is doing on a regular basis. My focus has been in relaxed belly, pulling up in chest, etc. without having to go into any special tongue manipulation to accomplish it.
Hey I could be wrong, but It seems like you are throwing a lot of stuff at this to make it impossible to accomplish Whole Woman Posture. It really isn't that hard.