I just got home from seeing a specialist. She determined I have a stage 3 recto and stage 2 cyclo and uterine prolapse. The trifecta! Lucky me. Interestingly, she tested my pelvic floor and said it was very strong and didn't think kegels with a PT would benefit me much. I found that fascinating as most of us are told the reason we prolapse is because of our weak pelvic floor. The dr talked about a pessary and surgery (she says I would be a good candidate for hysterectomy) with a 70 percent success rate. THANK GOODNESS for WW and the wisdom shared here. I started doing daily exercises six weeks ago and scouring the forum for info. I went into the consultation clear eyed and am even more convinced that Whole Woman is on the right track...My goal now is to work toward reducing the numbers on all those bulges and passing along this information to my daughters, sisters and friends.

Dear shefu,
It is wonderful when we realize and make the turn down the path of Whole Woman.
I waited about 17 years (just luckily knowing that I didn't want surgery), before finding Christine's approach.

Now, nearly five years later I am continually amazed, and sooo grateful to Christine & the Whole woman community, with the progress I have made!

I believe that women need to be fully informed and Whole Woman does just that!
I wish you all the best with your Whole Woman journey!
Much love and best wishes,

Aussie Soul Sister

Thanks shefu for the update. I wish that all women could experience this for themselves, and find the strength and confidence to back away from the conventional medical approach to prolapse, before doing themselves additional harm. All we can do is keep trying to spread the word and save one woman at a time! - Surviving

I had a hysterectomy several yrs ago. Last yr or so I'm having acid like pain after my husband ejaculates. It feels so painful like someone poured acid in my vagina. It goes away almost immediately when he is out. We use lubricants, I'm on bioidentical hormones. Dr says he has no idea what that is. I can't be the only one with this issue. Can I?

If you were not post-hysterectomy I would suggest that you ditch the hormones. Because you have had hysterectomy, I'm hesitant to discuss what you may or may not need in the way of hormones at this particular time, and for how long. Christine would have a better handle on all of that. But I would definitely try applications of raw local honey high in the vagina once or twice a day, to normalize the tissues and restore a level of comfort. Tons of posts on the Forum, and discussions throughout Christine's body of work, on how and why we all need to be doing this! - Surviving