I have been using this site for just a short time and find it helpful. additionally, each of us has our own opinions. From my perspective, I think Kindness should be first in all things in life, and I was concerned when I saw two women being hurtful. I hope all of us can get back to sharing in compassionate ways.....Thoughts are not facts

Hello Dear Ones,
I Have been doing the exercises, breathing and EFT tapping for a month. I have something I think I can add that might be useful. I find that when I put some coconut oil( I use organic) around my labia and inside my vagina about a quarter inch, it is soothing and helps with any dryness or atrophy one might have........

healing with passion,
You can also mislead and manipulate people in the nicest way possible. I would rather people spoke frankly with the truth. And, the facts of this work are plain to see when a person actually studies it and begins to understand it. It's a real shame when certain people come on here and water it down or just plain discard it, or ignore it. That's the Whole Woman work, the work that has helped so many of us to get our lives back.
Let us keep our focus there.
p.s. You also don't know the long history of this situation. You weren't there when we were trying to use softer tones as well as trying to keep the integrity of this forum where it should be. The integrity and vast importance of this work are so much more important than quick fix products. The sooner people realize that, the better off they will be.

Dear Aging gracefully,
. thank you for filling me in since I am so new.

Due to an ongoing problem - like a thorn in our side - I have deleted the user's account. People will have different feelings about this, and my sincere apologies if we disagree.

The problem is, this hasn't been her first screen name and she'll be back under a different registration pushing the same inferior product.

We do the best we can.


Thank you Christine. I see you also deleted the contentious post. I was left feeling very disappointed and unsafe at this forum after having read that particular post. As a very new prolapse sufferer, I had recently perused various prolapse sites and forums before coming to Whole Woman, and this was the first time I had seen any such bickering or hostility anywhere before amongst the "prolapse crowd." My prolapse is causing a lot of negative emotions for me, and I need a positive, drama-free place to talk about it and receive helpful input. Bad history or past feuds are not anything I want to read about here! I appreciate you handling this the way you have, and I look forward to being part of this forum. I do hope it continues to be positive and encouraging. Thank you again.