Mesh inserts - sad news from Aus and the UK


Quite aside from the ludicrous advice of the doctors, how sad is it that so many women are having surgery that causes so many complications :-( I'm not convinced the mesh itself was faulty, rather than the procedure itself.

See this story:

PS Hello everyone... i am not often here as my prolapse (10 years on) no longer really bothers me....I wear a small rigid organic tampon to hold it all up when I need to and practise the posture...

I totally agree that the news re mesh complications is enough to make anyone cynical! I cannot understand why women run to surgeons for a quick fix instead of researching what might be a natural solution to start with at least.We r so lucky to have all Christine's research and advice and the help of this wonderful site.The stories of mesh causing inflammation and life changing illnesses and pain is heart breaking.All we can do is to try to spread the word that we can live with prolapse and similar and live amazingly active lives with participation,effort and belief in nature. The surgeons will still be searching for artificial solutions for generations in my opinion and ruining lives on the way.Thank you Christine for educating me to be healthy and active inspite of prolapse.

Yes, I saw something about this the other day. How so many women are still allowing this be done to them, is beyond comprehension, at a time when so much information is so readily available....horror stories from mesh victims, and information about safe alternatives for prolapse management. Far too much blind trust of doctors. And how about that "advice"? Talk about demeaning and misogynist....... - Surviving