After 9 or 10 months of working the WW posture, I have to share my good news: for two days in a row now, I've been able to walk over a mile with NO protruding cervix! Me, the person whose prolapse started decades ago, and whose cervix was routinely protruding two inches outside her body before I started the WW work!
Additional benefits: not only does the posture reduce the prolapse, it also feels absolutely terrific. I can breathe more deeply and freely, my chronic hip pain is vanishing, I have a wider field of vision because I'm not hunched over, and I just feel so open and graceful and feminine. (Not feminine as in "frou-frou." Feminine as in "goddess.")
Another benefit: my back is more flexible now. I had to go very slowly, gently, and mindfully at first, because I came to this work with a lumbar vertebra out of place and a ruptured disc. I had refused surgery (they wanted to fuse my lumbar vertebrae and screw in permanent metal rods! Um, NO!) Healing has taken a while. But it's happening. The WW posture and yoga have been really helpful. I'm using a whole different set of muscles in my feet, legs, and behind, and I'm getting stronger. My muscles were sore at first, but now I love the difference. I feel like a dancer.
My cervix still protrudes sometimes, and my hips still get sore. So I'm learning to take both those things as reminders to adjust my posture, to stop pushing myself so hard, and/or to firebreathe and jiggle. Sometimes I can even do a bit of firebreathing when I'm out in public, by pretending to look closely at something interesting on the ground or by "accidentally" dropping a coin and then flexing down "to pick it up." I'm constantly saying (silently) to my uterus, "Antevert, Sweetheart, antevert!" I visualize my pelvis tilting and everything settling into place, and I swear I can feel it happen.
So -- tonight I'm sending love and thanks to Christine, to our wonderful forum moderators, and to every scared and courageous woman who writes in and shares her story. It's OK if the prolapse never completely goes away, because I know that as I get better at using the posture, my ability to manage the prolapse is only going to increase. I'm on board for good.

Congrats Udara and thanks for a beautiful and inspiring post. You've said everything here that we want women to understand about the power of this work. Nothing helps and inspires like a success story from the trenches. I love that you have included visualization.....I personally think this is so important.

I hope all newbies, and anyone still in the grip of fear and self-doubt, will read your words and and take comfort and encouragement from them. Those who commit to the effort will reap the rewards! - Surviving

Wonderful Udara! I saw this post early this morning and this is the first chance I’ve had to respond. I found myself nodding in agreement with all you said and hope many others can relate as well. WW Posture *is* Goddess Posture! ;-)

Thank your lucky stars that you didn’t fall for the back surgery, which very likely would’ve significantly affected the long term health of your hips.

Yes, we *can* feel the round ligaments pulling the uterus forward. It’s that marvelous tightening sensation at the lower belly when we sit up strongly in WW posture.

There really is no end to this journey, which is part of what makes our forum so much fun. Any woman who has fully integrated WW posture will deeply understand that there is no going back. It would be like a healthy eater going back to the junk food of her teenage years. Impossible! So, I imagine us all old and gray (but not bent over!) checking into the forum.

Thanks so very much for taking the time to give us an update. It is so very much appreciated.

Hugs from Christine

Hi dear Udara and thank you very much for posting such an insightful spiritual post!

I came here originally to address pop while having worsening hip issues and realized a bit later that Christine's approach is so holistic that my painful crunching hip concussion that had started, adding to years of hip instability, immediately stopped upon adopting WWPosture!

About 18mths later, living in the posture always, I did Christine's Save Your Hips program and healed so much more than hip issues.

I now go hairdye fee, hardly any makeup, shoe and bra free as much as possible as holding up breasts helps me stay strongly held up in the posture, can learn Scottish country dancing and do so much more.

I like to say that I am living proof that Christine's approach works!

All the best with your WW journey and thanks for sharing your inspiring insights!

Aussie Soul Sister

Eternally grateful student of Whole Woman Goddess Posture, :)