Long Term Cystocele


Hi everyone. I have had my cystocele for about 14 years now. I discovered it after moving and lifting heavy boxes. Scared me to death. I immediately went to my gynocologist who said she could repair it and I better not wait too long because if it got worse, it would be harder to fix. It was about a stage 2 at that point. So I was going to go through with the surgery and my dad, for some reason, ask me to reconsider. which is really strange since my mother had the same problem and successfully had her's repaired surgically and never had any problems after that. However, I decided to get online and found this group and I have never looked back. I am so thankful for this group. It has given me peace of mind to know there are others that are living with this type of condition and not resorting to surgery. The cystocele has gotten worse, stage 4 on the bad days, after years of lifting grandkids and not doing anything to improve it. It will go from stage 2 to stage 4 depending on how tired I am. When I get sick or something weakens me, that's when it drives me crazy. I ordered Christine's book and video, but I am not good at doing the exercises and practicing the posture like I should.
The other day I had the flu and for a week the cystocele would not stay up. After a couple of days I noticed blood on my panties from the irritation of the tissues. I was wondering if any of you have experienced this and if you know of anything that would help with the irritation on the bad days. This happened once before when we were, again, moving and I got too tired. I went to the doctor yesterday to get checked and she said everything looked fine and gave me some Estradiol cream. I am going to try that, but in the past I have not had much luck taking or using any type of hormone creams. I am very sensitive to a medications and a lot of things. I have been considering a pessary, but with my tissues being so thin and sensitive (I am age 65), I don't see how I could tolerate it. Any other suggestions to help on the bad days?


Hi kea7721,
The first thing I would suggest is the raw local honey inserted by fingertip high up inside the vagina once or twice daily for general vaginal health. You can look up more posts here on the forum or in Christine's Miraculous self healing vagina video.
For those especially bulgy days when you are having rubbing, you can use a barrier cream, coconut oil, olive oil, ect. to guard against that chafing. I would also suggest getting down on knees and forearms and doing some belly rolls. Also, some daily jiggling and firebreathing can go a long way in helping you get those pelvic organs in better position.
I know it is hard to get used to doing something new, especially changing our posture, but the more you work at it, the better you will feel for the long run, and if you are not up to doing the exercises, just do some nice strong whole woman walking. This is actually the best time to really work on those posture principles. That with the belly rolls, jiggling, and firebreathing should really get you into a better place with your prolapse.
Best wishes to you.

Aging Gracefully,
Do you mind explaining how to do belly rolls? I have the book and there is a brief description in the chapter about sex. But I read it agin just yesterday and confess I can’t quite get it. I can do belly tosses , fire breathing, and both ways of doing Nauli, as I have learned from FAFP and also the other lengthy streamed program I bought.. but I cannot figure out the belly rolls. These things all help so much that I want to learn the rolls too. I appreciate your help.

Hi UncloudyDay,
Belly rolls are really just like nauli, except you are not doing them on the exhale of firebreathing with all that suction going on. There is a really good description in the second wheel yoga video, if you have that.

I am new to posting on here, although I've been around a while. I can't tell you how often I've been reduced to tears reading people's posts, and how I've been lifted on bad days. Whole Woman is a life saver. Thank you Christine Kent for everything you do and for all you wonderful ladies who open your hearts on here. I've had cystocele for 13 months now. Who ever knew that your insides could fall out! Not me, it came as such a shock and took some getting my head round. But eventually I've got a handle on it due to Whole Woman. I'm working with the FAFP and yoga 1st wheel and posture of course. I am 58 tears old and have come to realise this doesn't get better as such, but that we can manage it, and am looking forward to Christine's new videos soon. Much love to all you wonderful ladies.

Just to add in here, Christine shows the belly rolls in the First Wheel yoga too. She does it on knees and forearms in this one, and on all fours in the second wheel. As with all the breathing sequences with this work, you are expanding your belly on the in breath and sucking in, as with the belly rolls, on the out breath.
The rest of the breathing on the out breath is just letting the belly fall back naturally. She usually specifies when to suck in for a specific exercise.

Hi Lamby,
Lovely post. Wrapping our heads around all this can be a first big step when it comes to prolapse; after that, it's what can I do to make it better. Management for some of us is all we really need in the bigger picutre of things, and I am happy, actually ecstatic, that I don't feel like I did upon finding this work. Do I still get symptomatic? Sure, I do, but I have the tools to get over those bouts, and I haven't once gone so far back as when I first started. This work has helped so much in alleviating those initial symptoms: the burning, the pressure, the aching are all gone now, and that is wonderful!
I do whatever I want now without fear. That is what this very important work has given me.

Hi Dear Lamby,
Thankyou for your post, so much help and encouragement for others reading it!
I am nearly six years into WW and you will find so many other benefits as you live in the posture and connect with your body.
I have experienced some results beyond what I thought possible with a couple of examples.. balance in the inner ear and my hips are amazing now, and the strength in my torso gets better every day...I can now physically cope with learning how to dance...
Remaining vigilant is the key and I am in maintenance mode, however it can be easy to slide into complacency...
Once you are very used to the posture it is a bit like steering a car, often tweaking the wheel automatically to keep it going in the right direction. We do that without thinking about it compared to when we are learning to drive and go through all the steps...
I have got to the stage where I can correct my posture without thinking (any words), and my next goal is to at the same time, bring my awareness back to observing breathing and presence (without thinking the words).
It is amazing what Whole woman opens up in our lives...

Much love to you,
All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Aging gracefully,
Thank you for your replies to my question about belly rolls. I do have yoga 2 and yoga 3, but not yoga 1. I got out yoga 2 and watched it to try to see what you might be referring to. Are you referring to the move where she is on hands and knees and is moving her abdomen in a circle by dropping tummy towards ground and then arching back up like a cat? All the while swiveling hips and breathing in when tummy goes towards ground and breathing out when tummy sucks in and back arches towards the sky? I just tried those as my low back is hurting a bit with middle of the night bowel gripes and it did help.

Lamby that was such a wonderful post to read by the way.

Yes, that's the one. You will notice everything is kind of a variation of firebreathing with firebreathing being the most intense breathing sequence of them all. I love second wheel; it really gives a nice stretch of the body.