Hi all,

So I currently have uterine, anal & bladder prolapse :l I have been sticking to a very strict diet, practising Christine's yoga in the mornings and trying to maintain the posture all throughout the day. It has been about 4 months since I developed prolapse and I have been doing these new routines for about a month. Lately, I have noticed that by the end of the day the "pressure" and uncomfortableness has lessened drastically. Has anyone experienced this as well? Hoping that this means my hard work is paying off and that it will only get better with time.Fingers crossed!

Sounds great to me. It is quite possible to have noticeable improvement in such a short time. And it will continue to get better if you keep up the good work. You will still have bad days, but you will start to form connections between your symptoms, and what you do or don't do as you go throughout your day. We can't always be in ideal posture, but you will learn to compensate and make up for the lapses when they occur. Keep it going!! - Surviving

It definitely sounds like the posture is working - I myself saw pretty quick results as far as organ positioning - but definitely there are ups and downs.... my first set back I felt like this work wasn't working - like it should be a linear process where you get better and better. But really, it's a constant thing, kind of like diet. If you lose weight, you can't go back and start eating whatever you like. If you do - you'll gain weight again. That's how I feel this posture works - it's a constant tweaking and a new lifestyle altogether that you have to constantly work at.
There are whole days where I barely feel my prolapse and then some days I feel it again - but I'm trying to keep track of what i've been doing/eating/wearing on my worse days to try to avoid that stuff.
keep updating as you go along - it's motivating to read!

Well physically I can see it and I can feel it with my fingers. It stings on some days perhaps when I haven't been the most regular with my BM movements or haven't been paying attention to my posture. Just a guess. Also, at times I am worried about whether passing gas will actually be passing gas if you know what I mean. When I have to go I have to go now but have not suffered from incontinence thankfully. However, I also have had an episiodomy with my son only 4 and a half months ago so the "numbness" feeling could also be from that. My bowel movements are not painful.

did you have problem with empty you bowels?

I do not have problems, no. I eat a well balanced healthy diet so I find I am regular and go once a day, sometimes twice. My BM's are also quite soft.