I m pp 3 weeks. before a week I found a hard immovable ball in anterior wall later it become fleshy rugae like thing protunding in anterior while pooping I find something hard moving thing protunding near vagina in lower portion... is really my cervix is moving. anyone help.

At 3 weeks, your body is only just beginning to heal. Prolapse often manifests itself during this time, not just because of the birth experience but because of the way we sit/stand/move during that time. A return to natural posture is what is needed, and this is the perfect time to start. First, go to the WW home page and watch the video there, for an overview of what we are all about. - Surviving

You are very early after delivery and I wish you that your body will heal. Many injuries heal in 6 months, but some say that it takes up to 2 years for the body to fully recover after giving birth.
I'm 8 months pp after giving birth to my only son and I have uterine prolapse. I have been googling a lot about prolapse to find out what's wrong with me. Maybe this will help you diagnose yourself. But surely ask your gynecologist if you have prolapse or not.
Prolapse can include prolapsed uterus, bladder or rectum bulging into vagina. If uterus is prolapsing, it can be pushed back into vagina. It feels a bit hard and it has an opening at the tip -cervix. Check online some pictures for prolapsed cervix or prolapsed uterus.
If bladder is prolapsing, it's at the front vaginal wall. It's called cystocele.
If rectum is prolapsing, it's at the back vaginal wall. It's called rectocele.
If you have a rectocele, and it's not emptying while bowel elimination, it's good to press with finger in the vagina on the rectocele- at the back of the vagina, so that all stool is eliminated.
Try to avoid constipation and eat a lot of fiber. Straining on toilet is also not good. It's suggested also to put something under the feet while sitting on the toilet, a box or something to lift feet a bit during stool elimination. It's called squatty potty
I suggest you to take lots of rest, if you can. Lay down a lot, let tissues to heal. The more you are on your feet the more gravity will pull down prolapse. Try to limit lifting heavy things. Don't lift anything heavier than your baby. If you're breastfeeding, try to breastfeed in bed.
I wish you that your body will heal itself. Be kind to your body, it just gave birth to a baby. It takes time to heal and I hope everything will be fine.
And enjoy time with your baby.

Though well-intentioned, your post is not particularly helpful, and it would be better if you waited until you had a better understanding of the Whole Woman work, before you attempt to advise others.

Go to the Home page and watch the video:

The Squatty Potty concept is flawed; here is a good thread to review on the subject:

Quality rest is important, for sure, but lying down a lot is not the path to prolapse management. WW posture, correct breathing, and gravity, will help pin those organs over the pubic bones and get them out of the vaginal space. - Surviving