Can a stage 4 uterine prolapse be helped by the new kagels?


Hi, I am new here and suffering from severe uterine prolapse. I have just joined this forum. Have been reading about the new kagels and the fire breathing exercises. Has the technique for fire breathing been included in the first aid kit yet? Would these exercises help keep the uterus inside the vagina? I have the urge to pee any time I am standing up and walking means the uterus is out of the vagina. I read that using a pessary is not a good idea. I had tried that a couple of years ago but didn't like the odor and the vaginal discharge..Help!

Hi bihari and welcome,
I have the severe uterine prolapse, and I can tell you that it takes doing everything whole woman teaches us to relieve these symptoms. The new First Aid video does not have the firebreathing yet, but will soon. Christine is working on an addition to add in.
I suggest you get the fundamentals video that shows the posture and toileting; this is the first most important step. I would also suggest the exercise bundle, because there are plenty of examples of firebreathing in those, and the exercises are great for strengthening our bodies into posture, as well as a wonderful stretching work out. I still do these almost daily as part of my routine.
It takes a little more effort and consistency with a severe prolapse, but this work can help you too.

thank you for the welcome and encouragement. I will get the videos you have suggested and report on my progress over time.

i have tried unsuccessfully to log in to buy the videos. the site keeps telling me i t doesn't recognize my email address...has anyone else had this problem?

Go to the "contact us" button at the top of this page. Lanny will be able to help you.

If you are making your first purchase from the Store, you will need to "Create an Account". Having a username on this Forum, isn't the same type of account. - Surviving

What video should I buy first? Sometimes when I need to urinate I have a feeling that I am a climax coming on. Is that possible? Seems very odd.

First Aid for Prolapse is the single most comprehensive product. If you want to start smaller, get Fundamentals; that will give you a great start. - Surviving

When will the new First Aid video cone out? Also, do we know if this will reverse our prolapse? What's the success rate?

Christine's work has helped thousands of women stabilize and reverse prolapse, and learn to control and live well with the symptoms. It is not something that just happens, and then you're done working on it. It represents a commitment to understand and put the principles into practice, and internalize them for a lifetime. She didn't "invent" this posture, but rather, discovered that so many of us had lost the natural spinal shape we developed since toddlerhood, and that if we endeavored to return to that natural posture and breathing, that we could stabilize our pelvic organs. And it works. But we have no way of knowing what any particular woman's results will be. The fact is, there's nothing else to be done. There is no surgical cure for prolapse, and the surgeries themselves (which often fail and leave you worse off) will destroy the natural dynamics of pelvic organ support. - Surviving

PS, the new video has been out for some time, and was recently enhanced with additional tools and tips.

At 88, many people would say you have had a good long life and don't worry about prolapse. But....I have 4 stage prolapse and I want to work to make it better. I travel, I have a wonderful significant other and we enjoy being together. We have known each other all our lives. Our parents were good good friends, grandparents were good friends. Our spouses have passed and so here we are and it's great. We travel back and forth across several states to be together about every month. Warmth weather calls us to the south during several weeks in the winter. Except uterus prolapse is a constant problem for me. In incontinent along with it.
Discussion between us isn't a problem. Doctors have suggested sugery but I am too old, I think, so I need to figure out if I am doing the posture right and figure out incontinence is my problem. oh, my goodness, it's such a problem.

What is a belly toss?

Belly Toss can be found in the Tools section of the First Aid for Prolapse streaming program. If you still have your uterus and have not had any other pelvic surgeries, that would be the best course of Whole Woman study for you. At 88, it is not too late to start, especially if you are active and in good health as you obviously are! You can always improve your prolapse symptoms with a little knowledge and the will to apply yourself. - Surviving

i purchased a couple videos last night and was so excited to watch but no sounds came on with the pictures streaming. I must be doing something wrong or I need to
do something different.

Hi PrlsGrl - Have you solved your audio problems? - Surviving

Yes I did. Thanks for asking.

I don't really know what my prolapse is called. Sometimes when I need to urinate and have a bowel movement there is a part of me drops down in my vagina. Now this doesn't happen all the time. What drops down seems to be hard and I can push it up into place. I do the posture. Watched the video last night so will do the exercises each day now. I walk at least 1/2 mile each day and go a mile when I can. I need to take a water pill every day and that gives me problems with my bladder. But for the water pill I would be ok with bladder.

I am miserable. We went on vacation and had a wonderful time. On the plane coming home I noticed that when I swallowed it hurt. By a couple hours later I had something. By two later I went to the doctor. So now I, as of this noon, do not have a fever. Still miserable. I tried to keep the WW posture while I mwas on vacation but didn't do exercises nor have I done ex since I have been home. Tomorrow I should be able to do those. I feel as though I have lost so much time. And I can tell my balance is not as good again. So now I guess I have to start again. Will the ex on videos help my balance? I am going to climb into bed and cover up my head with my favorite quilt and go to sleep.

Resume the WW exercises when you feel up to it, but don't rush and don't worry about it. The best thing you can do is stay in WW posture as you move throughout your day. That's really what all of this is about. Hope you're feeling better! - Surviving

Oh my, Surviving60, I did sound like a cry-baby three year old, didn't I? Actually, today is the first time I have felt normal. And I am packing to leave in three days for two weeks of travel. I won't be able to exercise but will walk and keep WW posture. And diet is easy when we travel. The prolapse is still good. Suppose the enforced rest has been good for me. And when I am up on my feet all I have been doing is being mindful of WW posture. Thanks for being here for all of us. Wishing you well.

I have been doing WW posture and have a couple of videos from WW. Think I am doing well. BUT I have been doing some gardening and using a spade to dig up iris bulbs. Do you think this might harm my prolapse?

Once you have a good grasp of WW posture principles, you can find ways to modify most activities to make them more prolapse-friendly, but it isn't always that easy. From time to time we all have to do things that feel like they are putting a strain on the organs. Digging in the ground can be a little tricky but just keep your weight forward as much as possible. I can't really advise you more specifically, but, you do what you have to do, and after your gardening you can take a good posture walk and do some extra firebreathing. This is really about maintenance and management over the long haul, not about the occasional moments where our bodily forces can't all be in perfect alignment. - Surviving