Postpartum and rectocele is grazed?


Hi everyone, it's been a long time since I have posted as things have been so well managed with WW posture and dads etc. However, I am 6 months postpartum with my wonderful second child and my rectocele is pretty intense, is right at the opening and I'm having to splint every BM. I have not been concerned about this as I know it will improve with time and work but I have noticed two raw 'grazes' along the rectocele that are quite sore and angry and also freaking me out. I had a look and there are two tears along the rectocele. Is my defect so thin that it will tear right through? I also have lichen sclerosis if this is impacting it too?
I could not find anything on Google and I'm not sure what to do! Advice gratefully received!

Hi Kazatti and congrats on your second babe. If you are a longtime member here, especially with lichen sclerosis you have probably read about the honey and vinegar that is discussed so often on this forum and in Christine's materials. Most helpful for menopause and after, but breast feeding is another period of low estrogen so you might find it comforting if the tissues are irritated. Red clover tea may also help. Coconut oil or olive oil to soften and protect. And of course, working hard on posture and toileting and some firebreathing and all those things that will help keep that bulge away from the opening and protected from external irritation. - Surviving