Internal hemorrhoids?

Hi Wildflower - I can't help with this topic, but you might try to use the search box (above and to the left) to look for other discussions. One problem is that the term is so often misspelled that it is difficult to search. But I know it has been discussed. You might try a search on "internal" and then you will have to page through and find the ones that are about hemorrhoids. - Surviving

Thank you, I did search like you said and need to spend more time reading what came up.

Forgive me if I'm not supposed to recommend other programs, but I found a lot of help from a website called Listen to your Gut. I too have internal hemorrhoids. When my bladder prolapsed this spring, I had difficulty having a bowel movement. I strained and caused an internal hemorrhoid and I believe a rectal prolapse. I bled for 6 weeks and developed anemia, but finally got it under control using the info from this site. There are conflicting beliefs on the site such as doing kegels for prolapse and the use of a stool or squatty potty for eliminating. Other than that, I found it very helpful as I healed my intestines and began following the Whole Woman plan. Moderator, feel free to remove this comment if It wasn't appropriate. I don't want to cause trouble since Whole Woman has been so helpful for me!

My concern is that Wildflower as a newbie to our forum will be unable to tell the difference between good and bad prolapse advice she may gather along the way. Some of us were lucky to land here early on, and bypass all the propaganda and nonsense. I wish everyone could do that, but unfortunately we all have to make our own way. Wildflower came here for hemorrhoid help, and when she is ready to deal with prolapse, we will be here to assist if she wants it. Meanwhile Time2Garden, actual concrete suggestions would have been helpful....but I don't see any of those in your post. - Surviving

Since the site I recommended specializes in extensive advice for a multitude of intestinal issues, I felt she could get better advice there. Intestinal bleeding is a thing of concern considering the risk of infection and anemia. Since I don't know all the details about her particular situation, I felt that site would be a better tool for her to diagnose and treat her intestinal issues. I was able to address my prolapse issues, using the Whole Woman plan, and also my intestinal issues, using the Listen to your Gut plan at the same time. Both need addressed, so both sites can be useful.

Just a word of caution on this thread.
It is not the moderators that decide if another site should be referenced or not, that is Lanny and Christine's decision. That is always why we tell people to get permission first before posting it here, because they would ultimately know what information is really conducive with whole woman.
I also want to bring up at this point, especially for newbies, that although we do talk about other issues on this site, we don't give medical advice, we are here to talk about general prolapse issues. Anything beyond that is beyond the scope of this forum.