Pregnancy and rectocele


I'm a new member and am so thankful I found this group! Thank you for what you Do! Here's my story.
1st pregnancy ended in emergency c-section
2nd pregnancy successful and quick V-bac
Tried to go running a couple weeks after delivery. Terrible idea I know but at the time I had no clue. Gyno said rectocele. I think I may have also developed a slight cystocele but haven't been checked recently to know for sure.
I am now due with #3 in about 10 weeks. Is there anything that can be done during delivery to prevent the prolapse(s) from getting worse? Also could someone explain to me ww posture and if it's safe to start practicing during late pregnancy? Im.planning to buy Christine's book soon when money isn't so tight but I thought I could glean some knowledge here too. Thanks for any help! Feeling a little apprehensive about this!!

Hi Countrymama and welcome. Christine's book is currently out of print until the next update, but we won't see that for awhile. You might be able to find yourself a copy somewhere, but if you do, be sure it's the second addition (blue cover). Meanwhile, you will want to get the First Aid for Prolapse program, which is comprehensive and covers all the topics (including how to run in a way that helps prolapse rather than worsening it). WW has sales from time to time, if you want to wait for a discount, though I think you ought to be working on this sooner rather than later. Therefore....the best suggestion I have is the Fundamentals, which will give you the basics of posture and get you going, and is very affordable. Also as you have found - lots of information on the site, forum, blog.

The pregnant state is essentially WW posture with everything held forward.....though as I understand it, in late pregnancy things start to move around a bit and it becomes harder to maintain lumbar curvature. So I wouldn't worry about what you are doing now, rather, plan for those critical post-partum days/weeks/months when so many of our normal activities compromise pelvic organ support. That is when you should be ready to hit the ground running, so to speak, with posture.

Prolapse tends to move out of the way during the birth process; we have many moms here who have come through it with no worsening. But you do want to aim for a gentle birth with minimal intervention. Hands and knees works well for some. Flat on your back isn't the way to go....just makes everything more difficult for you and for your babe (it's basically just a convenience for the doctors).

Birthing doesn't always go as planned, and I think the main thing for you to focus on right now, is learning what you need to know about posture for that important PP period, which can last 2 years or more. Your body wants to heal and return things to their proper places.....if you help it along with natural posture and the other tools Christine teaches, you will likely see a big difference. Those of us who didn't know about all this during our childbearing years, would certainly turn back the clock if we could!

Congrats on #3 arriving soon! - Surviving

Thanks so much for your reply!! I will check out the fundamentals resource. I'm so glad to hear that prolapse doesn't always get worse with delivery. I am using a midwife this time around and I know she will get me in the best possible position for delivery.
I'm also glad you spoke about the pp stage because I knew that would be a key factor in managing prolapse and my recovery.
I also plan on having hubby around 24/7 to do the heavy, strenuous things that I shouldn't.
Thank you again so much for the reply. It's so good just to talk to someone who "gets" it. Have a great day!