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Good Afternoon,

I just finished the incontinence videos and have a couple of questions, please. Am I supposed to do the whole 22 minute routine daily (from module 5), or just the pee on/pee off movements?? Also, I saw someone mentioning whole woman walking posture, and I couldn't find the demonstration for this. Do any of you have a link to this posture??

I am trying to be positive and hopeful, but I simply am not convinced that these simplistic movements are going to reverse my condition. I appreciate any feedback.

Thank you!


Hi Mama24sons and welcome,
You may want to look into the First Aid for Prolapse video if you want to get the full explanation into why we are doing this in the first place. Christine covers the history of posture and why it is so important. She also has many tips and techniques for everyday living which includes a walking video.
The more you study this work, the more you understand which helps in dedicating yourself to it.

Thank you so much for the reply. I wish I had been told this before I spent $200 on the other program. It would be expensive for me to buy another program. I sure would have rather gotten the one that had the most bang for my buck. I even asked Lanny which one was best, and he suggested the incontinence one. Thanks anyway.

I found the First Wheel and Third Wheel DVD's on Amazon (used).... the First Wheel was only $9.95.. The Thrid Wheel was $22.95.... Christine goes over correct posture in both these DVD's and they are both really good. The First Wheel Christine does Whole Woman Foot work also. And in the Third Wheel Christine goes over Whole Women walking and running along with demo's on Firebreathing ect.. If you can manage to purchase these DVD's would be a good start.. and when you are able the First Aid is really good too. I'm fairly new here so if I didn't cover anything right please inform. Victory..

There is also the Fundamentals video which covers the basics of posture and toileting at an affordable price, but if you truly want the history of what this work is really about and why we are doing it in the first place, The First Aid video will give you that.
I have all of these videos and bought them over time, and they all offer a positive continuation of the basics with some added benefits as well. It just depends on what you want from all this, but I consider the investment I made in them well worth it.
The best understanding of this work will get you a long way in your success.

Whole Woman posture is described in the exercise module of the incontinence program. Yes, it's more buried than it ought to be, considering that posture is the basis for all this work! Seated posture at the beginning of the module, standing posture about 13 or 14 minutes in. - Surviving

The First, Second and Third Wheel WW yoga videos referenced above are available for streaming in our Store. If your internet connection is too spotty for streaming video, before looking elsewhere for the DVDs you might want to contact Lanny in Customer Service to see if there is any remaining DVD inventory.

If you are benefitting from the wisdom and information to be found here, then I'm sure you would want to support our efforts in a way that helps keep the Whole Woman engine chugging along! - Surviving