Possible prolapse?


Hi, I'm new to the site and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what my symptoms could possibly be.

I'm a 33 year old mother of two, last birth being in 2015. I had a very long labour with my first (2012) that was about to result in a forceps delivery, only to be pushed back for an episiotomy.

Not long after, I noticed that when walking I would feel as though my bottom was about to fall out, and and still get the same sensation that comes along with needing a bowel movement.

My second delivery resulted in a massive post partum haemorrhaging, needing surgical intervention to stem the bleeding.

I was also told by an obgyn that I had a retroversed uterus a few years ago.

The symptoms that I'm having atm, and are scaring me witless are:

-feeling a large hard ball blocking my rectum. The strange thing about it is that it seems to rise and fall. So sometimes feels lower down, sometimes higher up.

-I am unable to empty my bowels without splinting my perinium and anal opening, jiggling, or leaning so far back on the loo that I'm practically laying down

-I have noticed that when straining, a large hard ball appears at the opening of my vagina. Upon checking internally, ive found a hard lump along the left interior wall of the vagina, going all the way to the back wall.

-certain positions during intercourse are just impossible for me, such as being on top, as my vagina becomes blocked.

-when examining myself lying down, the lumps in my vagina are far less noticeable, sometimes disappearing altogether.

I'm so terrified that it's something sinisiter that it's triggered severe daily anxiety attacks. I've arranged an appointment with my gp, but the earliest they could offer me an appointment is 3 weeks from now.

Any help or reassurance would be very much appreciated x

Does sound like a rectocele. Here is the prolapse self exam:

I know you are worried now just finding prolapse, but you will find once you study and understand this work, that you can improve your symptoms and that prolapse isn't going to ruin your life. I suggest that you read everything you can on this site, starting with the toolbar above. Once you learn about posture and all the wonderful aspects of this work, you will get a huge peace of mind in place of the worry.

Thank you for your kind response Aging Gracefully.

I notice that the link you provided states that a rectocele feels soft and pillowy, I'm feeling something hard which is what's causing me to panic.

Interestingly, it seems that from what I have read there, I may have a prolapsed bladder as I can definitely feel something soft and squishy at the vaginal entrance that gives a sensation of needing to pee when pressed.

Another thing I'm currently dealing with is contraction type cramping that seems to crop up towards the latter end of my cycle, I don't know if that's to do with my uterus at all?

Ah ok, not sure then; it could be trapped stool making it feel harder. Maybe someone else will come along with more insight; otherwise, you will find out from your doctor's visit what it is. If it does end up just being your garden variety prolapse, this work is best best route to take.

Cramping is pretty normal with prolapse; I used to get it during times I wasn't even having a period. I also had a burning aching feeling, but I haven't had issues since I have been doing this work though.

The aching feeling is something I can definitely relate to, alongside pain in my left buttock that goes all the way down to my leg, and also a heavy feeling in my pelvic area. So many things here and there are what's leaving me so confused and worried as to what is causing all this.

Hi DaisyB3lle,
These are all feelings that have been described here on the forum, so I wouldn't be too concerned about that part. The large ball coming out during your bowel movement could also be your cervix. It does like to descend when we are straining on the toilet. I can only guess as to what is going on with you, but it would also benefit you to start working on your posture as it helps relieve the bulk of these symptoms.

A consult with one of the practitioners may be a good idea as you can maybe describe it to them more thoroughly, and they of course have the most knowledge with all this.

Thank you so much for your kind replies and reassurances Aging garcefully. It's a huge relief to hear that my symptoms aren't as worrying as they may seem.

With regards to arranging a consultation with a practitioner, how do I go about doing that?

Kindest regards

Go to the WW practitioner tab on the toolbar, where you will find the different practitioners and their contact information. The also offer skype sessions, so that is also something to consider.

Hi DaisyB3lle,

I would just like to reassure you that I am having almost the same same symptoms as you. Everything started during my pregnancy and here I am 2 years later still struggling with the same issues. Actually until yesterday no doctor could tell me what is really wrong with me (and I have been to many). I have actually diagnosed myself with prolapse only by googling and reading extensively. And finally yesterday I got back the results of my defecografy that confirmed that I have indeed pelvic organ prolapse with cystocele, rectocele and rectal Intussusception. My main problem is having the bowel movement and I have to do most of the things you mentioned in order to have one. And this usually happens few times a day. It is so exhausting. I also have retroverted uterus which is completely resting on my rectum making the bowel movement so difficult. I have seen this on the defecography video they showed me. Anyway, I am feeling so depressed and anxious right now, even though I knew all along what my problem is. But once I got the official diagnosis made me feel awful. I have already bought some materials from WW and plan to start doing the rigorously, cause I am afraid that what they will propose is surgery - a path that I don't want to take (at least for now). Sorry I could not be more encouraging, I am just in quite bad place myself at the moment. But I just want to let you know that you are not alone in suffering all these symptoms. And if it is really indeed a prolapse that you have, it is not a life-threatening condition, just very uncomfortable and at certain points hard to deal with. But let's hope we will get better soon with the help of WW work. All the best.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond Unicorn, it's reassuring to speak to someone who has gone through something similar. I'm so sorry that you're having to go through such a difficult time with all this. Hopefully now that you have a proper diagnosis, you can begin to focus on healing both your mind and body.

The hardest part for me at the moment is dealing with the anxiety of what my symptoms could be, whilst not being able to speak to anyone I know due to how sensitive and intimate the issues are.

Did you ever suffer with SPD during your pregnancies at all? From what I've read, having SPD is a pre cursor to POP, which in my case makes sense as I had a horrendous case atht left me immobile during my second pregnancy.

I've also noticed that my periods are becoming increasingly painful, something that until recently I hadn't had to deal with in quite a few years. Like you said, it's all so very draining to have to manage on a daily basis. Here's hoping that we can find somehow find some relief.

Best wishes