Pregnancy with a prolapse?


I am 30 years old and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. For the last year I’ve been dealing with pelvic and vaginal pressure/fullness/dragging feeling and rectal pressure/fullness. When symptoms first started I remember walking around the grocery store and literally felt like I had to sit down because the heavy feeling in my vaginal area was so bad. No doctor in the last year has checked for it. They’ did other tests that all came back negative except my back MRI showed mild arthritis and some bulging discs. I have my OBGYN appointment next week but after doing my research, talking to my mom who was recently diagnosed with a prolapse and taking a mirror and looking down there myself I know for a fact I have a prolapse, just don’t know what kind but will find out next week and hopefully get on a path to make it better. How does prolapse usually work with pregnancy and birth? I pretty much told my husband because of how I’ve been feeling I don’t think I want anymore kids but now if it is a prolapse and hopefully if therapy helps or other things help, I think I want another baby. I had a vaginal birth with my first, very quick birth and no tearing. Any info/tips is appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Jennifer and welcome. We have lots of posts by PP moms. Once you get your prolapse under control with WW posture and tools that we offer here, you will likely find no worsening of prolapse and possibly even improvement after subsequent births, because you will have learned the way to help nudge your organs back into position during that important healing period. Prolapse tends to move out of the way during birth...especially if you aim for a gentle birth with minimal intervention. You will be fine but I'd get started on the WW work sooner rather than later. Do some reading around the site. - Surviving

Hi Jennifer - I saw that you put the exact same post in another category - that wasn't really necessary so I removed that one.

If you haven't already done so.....please go to the Home page of the site (first tab up on top of this page) and watch the video. It's a brief, excellent overview of the Whole Woman work. - Surviving

Thank you so much, I’m going to get started on that. Somebody told me if I have a uterine prolapse I probably won’t be able to get pregnant again. I don’t know too much about it so I hope that is not the case.

Hi Jennifer, Just wanted to address some of your fears.... and also to say thanks!
regarding getting pregnant post prolapse - i don't think a uterine prolapse, unless it was very severe (i.e. external), would impact your getting pregnant. Also, from what I know, as your baby grows, he/she will pull that uterus up and out of your pelvic area for the duration of the pregancy so no worries there. If you've got cystocele or rectocele - you shouldn't have too much trouble with them apart from feeling bulgy. Constipation is also a special concern for the rectocele since you want to avoid constipation and pregnancy can make one even more constipated than normal. Avoid straining on the toilet - ever, at all times - but especially during the pregnacy i would think.
you'll read so many stories if you search on here about successful post-prolapse pregnancies so don't worry too much about it. when I first discovered my prolapse I immediately thought my childbearing days were over and in the past year i've slowly come to the conclusion that whether or not I have another kid has nothing to do with my prolapses.
i wanted to thank you for saying how you had a quick, tear-free birth and you're still here with a prolapse. I had been beating myself up about my bad tear for a long time so (even tho i'm not happy you're having to deal with this at all) I'm glad to hear that even 'perfect' births can bring us all here...
just adds reinforcement to the fact that prolapse is a postural issue, and not the result of a 'bad' birth. A bad birth can exacerbate the prolapse, but really, I need to let go of my guilt around that...
finally - any future births post prolapse need to be as natural and unmedicated as possible, with as little tearing as possible...
you will be able to do everything you want to do - with modifications in some cases - but don't worry about being limited by your prolapse...

Hi, I am still thinking if the prolaps is really postural issue as Typicalme have mentioned. Yes, I read this in Christine´s book, see videos...Is this really general rule? I had very quick induced childbirth, but 2 hours of pushing and then I had another medicaments because my placenta was still in uterus. After another two hours of very bad contrations doctors provided manual pulling out of placentab (placenta accreta). After 6 weeks I had another operation due to residues of placenta...Now I have cystocele and my cervix is low....

And my question is - is this really due to bad body posture?

I live according to WW for 5 months and still in the same stage...

Hi Belly - hard to answer this. You've had complications and operations that the majority of us have not had, and none of us here can say what effects that has had on causing or complicating your prolapse. Nor can we really know if you are doing everything you could be doing, correctly.....only a consult in person or Skype could really determine that for sure. But is prolapse primarily a postural issue? Absolutely it is.

Also - 5 months is not a very long time, especially after childbirth. Most of my progress came in the second year. - Surviving

Hi, it happened something amazing to me today morning...I woke up with no cystocele and for 2 hours it was great! Cystocele have appeared back when I had taken my received package (out of posture, probably the same bad posture how I lift my child) :-(

Do you have some advice what to do now, what helps you to lift it back?

I ussualy do elbow and knees, jiggling but it does not help me...Firebreathing also did not help me now (nauli I can not do because of full stomach)...

Christine mentioned belly tosses in video, does somebody have experience with this?

Thank you very much for your experiences...

Hi Belly,
It is not one technique that helps us, but diligent posture work over time that keeps our plevic organs moving in the right direction. All the firebreathing, nauli, belly pumps and tosses, etc. is not going to help if we are not working on our posture all the rest of the time.

If you think you may not be getting all the elements of posture down correctly, a skype may be the next best step for you. A practitioner can assess your posture, and can also answer some of those other questions you have about past surgery and how that can affect your progress, or anything else you may be curious about.

hi belly - it sounds to me that you're making progress! despite your worries, somehow, your cystocele stayed up for a few hours... this is how this stuff works belly - it slowly will stay up longer and longer the more you work at it. There's nothing you can do to put it back and make it stay today... it's all very slow - trust me - I know! this process has made me sloooooow down a lot with how much I expect from my body, with progress, with everything really. It's made me focus and live a bit slower.
but to me - it sounds like you're making great progress especially since you've only been at this for what, 5 months?
also you mention bad posture when lifting your child... I have to tell you - at first especially, I was crazy about doing EVERYTHING in posture. I can tell you that now that I've stabilized, i have to remind myself when washing dishes, when vacuuming, etc. but the rest of the time - I'm in posture all the time.... but back in the beginning I wouldn't do anything out of posture...
so what i'm saying is, if you know you're lifting your child or picking up packages in wrong posture - you're going to want to stop that. take your time, lift your child correctly...
if you look at other info about prolapse they'll say never lift anything and they scare you... that made me so sad because i thought i'd never lift my children (which i love doing). Christine's methods have given me that back... but you have to do it correctly, like those images that are floating around in a couple of threads...
i actually sat and searched 'lifting' one whole evening - reading everything there is on this site about lifting. I carry my heavy almost 1 year old and haven't had any issues. but i had to slow way down in order to learn to do it properly.

and just a quick note about childbirth causing prolapse - i believe childbirth can bring prolapse about, but it's not the cause. the cause is structural, postural... childbirth rearranges everything in there over the course of a few months, relaxin loosens everything, and then within a few minutes the baby is out (labor is long but really, baby inside vs baby outside is a few minutes) and there's a huge cavern refilling itself over weeks and months, everything is raw and rearranged and stretched, conditions are ripe for things to bulge and sag and be in the wrong place...

but you've got mothers with multiple children and no prolapse, women with zero children and all 3 prolapses, and women who's children are adults and suddenly they end up with prolapse... i personally felt a ton of blame for getting an epidural and tearing so badly thinking THAT's what caused mine...and yet a lot of women on here had great births, minimal to zero tearing, and yet here they are.
so while my medicated birth certainly didn't help - prolapse was in the works and was bound to happen sooner or later anyway. the main thing for me was to turn around and look forward... however it happened - how do I live with it, support it, maintain it for the coming years... my goal is not to have it go away - it's to live with as few symptoms as possible and to not make it worse.

My bladder prolapsed after baby 2 and it took awhile to find WW work. I went through PT first and then when my doctor said surgery is my only option I went searching. I wanted a big family and prolapse after baby 2 would not do.
Unfortunately, I have had so many horse training accidents that as soon as I would make progress I was in soo much pain. SO it continually set me back. I changed some of my bad habits and unexpectedly fell pregnant with baby 3. I can confidently say that at 1 year PP with Olivia my prolapse is not any worse. It could be much better, but not worse.
I finally dropped health insurance and letting go of the expense has allowed me to address my own health problems. Getting thyroid taken care of, balancing hormones, healing my stomach, and seeing a chiropractor. I feel free to dive in at last.
If you would like more children, I strongly recommend that you use the methods of Spinning Babies. They are midwives and they have a website. They teach many of the same sort of postural things as Christine and their exercises have helped me give birth naturally every time. Easy pushing, baby was is perfect position. All the kinks worked out for an easy labor.