Rounded shoulders


Hello, After 1/2 century of bad posture, my upper shoulders round forward, even after pulling chest up, holding shoulders down, and tucking chin. Should I also try to bring shoulders back, so that my back is flat?


Good point. This has always been an issue for me. In fact, several years ago when I attended the conference, Christine herself brought it to my attention. I was trying so hard to follow the directive of not pulling my shoulders BACK, that I was failing to realize that they were still rounded too far forward. So for you and me, maybe we have to think of pulling them back just a bit, to compensate for our half-century of rounded shoulders. Maybe a better way of thinking, is to tell yourself to "open your chest". That helped me. - Surviving

Thank you for the supportive feedback, and great tip, to "open the chest"!

Where do I find instructions for posture and firebreathing?

Hi eagnes65 and welcome,
You can find very comprehensive and thorough explanations in Christine's videos. I would suggest here First Aid for Prolapse for starters, here:

Or, just the basics here:

It would also be a great to just read around on this site to get a better idea of what the whole woman work is all about.

With that said, can you tell us a little more about yourself, what prolapse you are having, etc?

Hi, yes and issue that the majority of us have is that our shoulders are bent forward.
I have been able to achieve a flat upper back, however my shoulders have a built in bend that is a challenge.
Thanks for the reminder as I am sure that a lot of carpel tunnel or numb hands are related to the nerves and blood flow that can be squashed by our shoulder forward or leaning forward to do things like talk to others or write, read or type. It makes sense to me as I do get some of those symptoms. I know of someone heading for surgery and I know it is their humped back and rounded shoulders not helping but I have difficulty getting them to believe that it is posture related.
One of the discussions we have had here is the holding of the baton above our heads in the lying down position, remembering to keep shoulders down, and not having our arms able to touch the floor, and I think that is related to shoulder joints being slightly bent forward. Over time that will be possible also as so many things I never realized with WWP that could be possible!
This week, I was watching the floor gymnastics with the young girls doing amazing things with hoops, however when they sat down afterward they not only slouched, and when they sat up a little, their shoulders were also bent forward as if the bones had become moulded that way...
I will keep talking about ww posture and its benefits,

Thankyou for the discussions,
All the best!

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