getting up from squat or hip bend


Hi Everyone,
First, I would like to express my admiration for Christine in her astuteness, hard work, persistence, and courage in understanding and casting light on correct female posture!
I'm not clear on how to get up from a squat or hip bend. Should one momentarily round one's back to do this? Things seem to get worse after I get up. I've seen the photos of lifting a heavy object from the floor, but it doesn't show the getting-up part. My day involves many trips to the floor to retrieve something, mostly light in weight. Then there's the laundry basket, with wet or dry clothes in to do that.
Thank you.


Hi Blue_Sky,
You need to keep the lumbar curve.
If you are not strong enough in the leg and bottom muscles to use them to come up from the floor yet, it doesn't hurt to avoid having to lift off the floor by keeping your baskets in their trolley or if you have a table in the laundry, so that while you practice the posture, and gain strength, you don't have to bend to pick them up from the floor creating setbacks.
You can then mindfully practice the lifts at times, until you are strong enough in the legs and thighs.
If strength isn't the issue then you need to concentrate on using your bottom and leg/ thigh muscles to bring you back up from the lower squat, remembering that you can breath in just before you do it and anchor your front abdominal wall, so that you are not breathing out and not pulling in your stomach muscles as you lift or come back up.
When hinging from the hips, I feel the strength of the soles of my feet grounded on the floor and power up through my legs and bottom and then the strength of my back to come back up.
If I have to go lower to the floor I use the squat, and if getting into low cupboards, I do the squat up on my toes which keeps the lumbar curve in place.

In time you will gain torso strength just from sitting - and on standing up from sitting, the upper thighs as well ( one of the first benefits I noticed).
Thigh strength then helps greatly with toileting, which in turn adds to your strength and stability with movements. In the beginning I noticed that I had been unaware of wobbling if I hinged slightly at the hips to sort washing on my bed, now no more...

I hope this is of help,

Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you Aussie Soul Sister for the most helpful reply! My, there are certainly a lot of things to remember, with this new posture and way of moving! I take heart from your kindness.