5 Days Post Partum- Healing with Tearing


I had a minor Cystocele before I got pregnant. I chose to have a natural childbirth with midwives to help me have the best odds of avoiding a c-section or other interventions hospitals jump to.

Unfortunately my little guy was posterior and presented his head at the widest angle (often called "Military" presentation). This made labor pretty difficult without a great deal of force on my part. I am now recovering from a partial 3rd degree tear. *sigh*

I am five days PP and I really want to use this time to recover well. Does anyone know the best place to look for help during this important healing time??

They say my stitches are healing very well and that the swelling has gone down very quickly. I do feel some heaviness and pressure when I stand, and I breast feed side-lying at the moment because sitting is uncomfortable.

Thank you for the help! :)

Hi quiet_mind - we have a few PP moms here and I hope they'll comment. Basically if you are following WW principles, you are promoting your healing in the best possible way. I'm not sure what you are specifically looking for.....I see that you are not a newbie to the site. If you haven't done any reading for awhile, you might want to click on "Forums" above and that will take you directly to the forum view that groups discussion threads by category (i.e., Pregnancy and Prolapse). Congrats on your little one! - Surviving

hi quiet mind - I've had 2 tears (3rd then 4th degree) and I'm a year pp now.
There's really nothing different you have to be doing other than taking things nice and slow... I would keep my legs together this time around (i know that isn't as important if you're stitched but I think it could help). I was sitting indian style a few days post birth (and not in posture either grrr).

just stay in posture as much as possible, relax on elbows and knees, hands and knees... i purchased whole woman for childbearing years and that was very calming to watch and there's a workout on there. it uses the baton (which I don't have) but there's a lot on there you can do without the baton.

Also - no firebreathing or nauli until you stop bleeding. just sit, stand and walk in posture... try to relax but also try to get up on your feet a bit. i remember christine saying somewhere that cultures where you were back out in the field working saw less prolapse - on one hand you're supposed to relax, but relaxing into soft furniture is no good. Sitting, standing and walking tall is the way to go.
you've got great healing potential, try to get everything in line so you can start helping the healing along.
also - remember you're on a 1-2 year healing curve here. I thought 6 weeks postpartum is healed, 3 months is DEFINITELY healed and 6 months should be completely back to normal. I started feeling back to normal around 8-9-10 months pp.

what kind of prolapse do you have? and when did you find it? (sorry - i could prob click on your profile to read up but don't have time).

I was never given much info on my prolapse when I went in for an exam to confirm it. I know it's a cystocele, and I know it's not terribly severe. There's a small bulge just barely poking out of my vaginal opening.

I found it almost 3 years ago.

I guess I am just looking for some reassurance! :) It feels so uncomfortable to sit (or to stand for too long... And the pressure seems to increase the longer I stand. I find myself avoiding posture because of the new discomfort.

I'll start doing more hands and knees, that seems to feel good! And I think since the initial swelling is down the tug of the stiches has gone down- it should be easier to convince myself to get up into posture!

Thanks ladies!