Heavy bleeding & clots after sex


I'm new here, and have an urgent concern. I've had what I believe is a cystocele and rectocele to varying degrees for almost 8 years {diagnosed about 6 years ago but lots has changed since then}.

After multiple doctors telling me my only option was surgery I stopped seeing medical doctors and learned to manage things on my own {sort of}.

My prolapses have gotten significantly worse this summer, as I have become increasingly active. Tonight I played competitive sports for 2 hours. I felt great at the gym...

Tonight during sex though I felt intense sudden pain. After repositioning we continued. Minutes later I began to bleed heavily. Sitting on the toilet, the blood poured out, soaking handful after handful of toilet paper. There were several large clots {egg sized approximately}. After about 15 minutes it slowed down but is still bleeding quite a lot. I really don't believe it's a menstrual period - the blood is pouring out, is bright red, and I just finished a cycle about a week ago.

I don't have a mirror to check things out but the amount of blood is worrisome. My feet are feeling tingly {sometimes happens when I have a really heavy, long period}. Is it possible that something ripped? Tore? It seems like fresh blood, an open wound.


Hi TheFarmer'sWife,
Go to the doctor. Any unusual bleeding should get checked out.