Red Clover Tea


Hi folks. Seven years ago when I was 55, Christine and this website turned my life around after losing my husband to glioblastoma and being drop-kicked into menopause. The Whole Woman re-education about my body and implementation of the exercise program in my daily routine ended hot flashes and incontinence. I have been using red clover tea since the beginning of this journey and swear by its phytoestrogen power. I will be backpacking the Grand Canyon in December where boiling water and carrying a quart of tea will not be possible. (I will be using a Camelback hydration system for water transport.) I have been stirring 2 tablespoon of dried red clover leaves and shredded blossoms into my oatmeal in the morning to see if it will metabolize as the tea does, but would like better insight into dosage equivalents with dried product vs steeped tea (1/2 cup dried red clover per 4 cups boiled water). I tried the red clover extract (Clef des Champs, 50% organic alcohol) which recommended 20 drops 3 times daily, but it gave me headaches. Any info would be sincerely welcomed.

Hi No-Drip - Thanks for the post. I don't know about the extract versus the tea, but I would think if 60 drops of extract a day gives you headaches, try cutting the amount way back. Furthermore, at this point in your journey, you probably don't need that much red clover every single day in order to experience benefits. How long is your trip? Maybe just take a break and don't worry about it for a little while. Take some dried or extract with you just for backup. Enjoy!! - Surviving

Thanks for your input, Surviving 60. I have experimented a bit with cutting back the amount of red clover tea that I drink in a day and the result continues to be hot flashes and adrenaline rushes that wake me up. So I guess I'm not there yet!