Rectocele - Reassurance needed


Hello everyone,

Thank you for reading. I was diagnosed with a rectocele after having my first child 2 years ago. I am in my early thirties. I feel incredibly emotionally affected by the prolapse. It feels like it has got considerably worse in the last few months and I don’t know what to do. Can hormones impact on the symptoms? I feel a horrible pinchy feeling down below and the buldge feels like it’s edging lower and lower in my vagina. I just feel so sad about it. We would also really like to have another baby but I feel scared about making it worse but also sex is just so uncomfortbale. Any help or advice? I am due to go and see a women’s physio next week.
Thank you again xxxx

Hi Daisy Rose, welcome back.
We can only give you the same advice as last time to explore and study Whole Woman and if you do as many of us have you will discover a holistic way to manage your body and so much more.

I was around your age when I developed rectocele and had to wait many years until I found Christine's work. I was only given the option of surgery after I had had my children, and pelvic floor exercises and I was just lucky that somehow I "knew" that wasn't for me.
By the time I came here, desperate and sad like you,I also had extra issues which I didn't realize at the time were connected and have resolved them all.
If you learn the fundamentals of Whole Woman posture and Christine also has resources for the child bearing years as well, then you can make fully informed decisions..

let us know how you are going,

I wish you all the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you for your reply.
I have been trying to purchase the online course but it is in dollars. I am in the it available to purchase here too? The website is full of information and I’m a little confused where to start. Thank you again c

Hi Daisy Rose - I can relate to your sadness... It is a devastating thing to deal with, especially when you are told to hand your body over to others who cannot guarantee any success...
I am in Australia and purchased the online course - it is excellent and highly recommend it.
Pretty much every bank these days will allow you to purchase products in other currencies - they just do the conversion and charge you in UK pounds or Euro (depending on your bank). Alternatively, I used my PayPal account and it worked just fine - they do the conversion and it comes out in your currency, to whichever account you have linked.
Good luck Daisy Rose!

Thanks Wish-me-well, yes PayPal is definitely the way to go. - Surviving