New here and questions


Hello ladies,

I am from Germany, so please excuse my language mistakes. I am 32 years old and got my 3rd child 7 weeks ago. Since then I have a cycstocele, I think grade 2 to 3 caused by traction/lateral defect, haven't seen an expert besides my gyn yet, but going to see an urogyn in about 2 weeks.
I have some questions:
1. I have read about a "childbearing package", where do I find that? I have bought the "First Aid for prolapse" stream and it's not enough everyday stuff for me. Every moment I wonder how to move: with my baby or when I get my clothes on or stand up or pick up toys from the floor...
2. I have scoliosis, espacially between my shoulders and a hollow back. After birth every woman has a hollow back. Should I slightly tilt my pelvis to correct it? I wonder why women after birth can have prolapse at all because they all have that hollow back, which should prevent prolapse?!

And just want to tell you, that here in Germany it is recommended to wear a cube pessary for at least one year after birth if you have cystocele or incontinence durig or after pregnancy. That should help to hold everything in place so that it can heal at the right position. If the tissues and so on heal while everything is not in right position, it is not likely to become better again. That is what doctors and PTs say here. I have read about many women who have tried it and it worked, they change pessary e.g. every two months to a smaller size. At the end many don't need cube anymore or only for sports or something exhausting, others use it for years. AND of course while you are wearing the cube, you have to do pelvic floor, bottom, belly and leg exercises AND you should always watch your posture what means to have your pelvis neutral (is that what Christine tells, too?), your heads crown high, spine long and slightly push your tailbone in the direction of your heels. They say that the posture is very important for the 3rd level of your pelvic floor which is the most important one for supporting internal organs. What do you think about that?

i came here a year ago after the birth of my 2nd baby. you can click on my user name and read up - i posted a 6 month and 1 year update.
I can tell you that 4 weeks post birth my bladder was at the entrance to my vagina and I could feel it allllll the time. I was very distressed and read that only surgery will correct it.
i also wanted a pessary - i wanted the feeling to go away and i wanted my bladder where it used to be right away! I bought the sea sponges thinking i'd use them... i never did....

so what you'll read here is that pessaries are actually not needed... i was scared to trust in this program vs all the other advice i was reading about, but i can tell you that what Christine teaches is correct. she is returning us to our natural female shape. If you have all your organs and have not had any surgeries for prolapse - you are in great shape to live your life with few symptoms.

your vagina does need to heal correctly post childbirth and the posture Christine teaches is that correct position.
A pessary will kind of trick you into feeling like things are ok when you might not be doing things correctly. you could have the pessary hold up your bladder while you continue to cause harm...
basically, you can keep everything in place correctly without the pessary and if you aren't using one, you can monitor what's working and what isn't so that you learn to hold your body correctly for the rest of your life.
your vagina is supposed to be a flat, closed space. this posture will make that happen, a pessary would be in the way, holding your vagina open.
you are SO early post partum - you have a ton of healing coming up so you are in a great space to heal and see a lot of reversion and relief.

Most pelvic floor exercises are kegels - what you'll learn here if you research and read you'll see that anatomically, kegels don't make sense. i always had a sneaking suspicion that they didn't but i did them anyway here and there. at my 6 week post partum check up my dr asked me to squeeze around her finger and her eyes popped open and she said - wow! you have great tone! keep doing those! keep that up!... but that makes no sense - if i already have 'great tone' why is my bladder hanging down??
your organs aren't being held up by your vagina... they're being held up by tendons and ligaments and muscles from the top - all of which have been relaxed and stretched by carrying a baby for months (and by the hormone relaxin). you want to keep all your organs out of your vagina and in your lower belly where they belong.

like you i had a urogyn appointment set up (my regular gyno didn't even think i needed it - she thought all of this was no big deal and here i thought my world was ending). i dived into christine's work and never even went to that appointment.

i'm not going to tell you not to use the pessary or not to go to a physical therapist or a urogynecologist - i'm just saying that I personally found that this work resonated with me. it really felt true to me before i saw any results and now a year later i know that i'm fine!

I started with first aid for prolapse and added in wisdom for the childbearing years - that should be in the store still...
as far as day to day advice - this site is the best source! you'll find everything in these pages - how to sit, stand, lift, bend, run, horseback ride lol everything's been discussed and if not there are people around who will help.
the main thing is the posture - which you should start right away and continue to do regardless of whatever else you're going to do. and there's no rush! i know it feels like if you don't do something fast it's going to get worse! if you're in posture and gentle on yourself and take care of yourself - there's no rush. your organs are constantly on the move and you have the power to move them to were they're supposed to be...

you're going to be ok :) and congrats on your 3rd baby! i'm sure your hands (and your heart) are full at the moment! don't forget to enjoy your little ones... don't let this get too dark of a cloud - i know it certainly was for me at the beginning...

Typicalme - thank you for answering.
You wrote that you have nearly no libido. Does that mean you don't "spend time" with your husband? I have libido, but I am afraid to worsen cystocele or symptoms.
I have that tampon feeling even then I am in bed, even in the morning. And no matter what position I put myself in, there always is a little bulb at the front of my vagina directly behind the entrance going up to bladder. Maybe it is the urethrea. My whole front vagina wall comes down to entrance when I am upright. So I am not sure, if I can put everything in right position without a pessary. Even with a pessary I would do posture and gym - i know it is very important, also because it brings more blood into the region which shall heal.
This gas and wind from vagina problem you described I had after 2nd birth, too. It went away without any treatment after some months on its own. I think this is very common, not only with prolaps and it is normal to heal alone.
I seem to be to stupid to find that childbearing video. Could you please help me?
Thanks for your encouragement. I often think that I want my old life back and wish I never had a 3rd child although it is my 1st daughter which I wanted so much after 2 boys.

"Childbearing Years" is no longer offered in the WW Store.

A cube pessary, and most other types, will aggravate prolapse over time. Especially if you have rectocele (or if you don't have rectocele and want to keep it that way!).

I can understand your confusion because you are trying hard to reconcile Christine's work with other principles and practices that you have encountered. But the fact is that we are not here to debate or defend. This is stated right in the Forum guidelines. We will answer your questions the best we can, but the WW work is here for the taking. If it resonates with you, then follow it as closely as you can. The results are self-evident, as so many woman have discovered over the years. It is not like anything else out there. - Surviving

So why is this video no longer offered? How should I learn to move correctly with my baby and so if there is no video?

Hi blaudalam,
It does take up to two years to heal completely from having a baby, so pessaries during that time worn by the women you describe may have made them feel better, but I'll bet natural healing took over regardless of the wearing of them, not because of.

Lifting is described in Christine's video as well as all over this forum, so please do check it out. Lots of great information to help you along postpartum.
This really is a proactive site; the more you read, the more you learn, and for most of us, it clicks. And then, we just want to learn more. Take some time to study the contents of your video and read over the forum and website, especially from the postpartum moms. You will find everything you need here.
Best wishes.

Sex can be great for moving organs back to their places and the best thing you can do is communicate with your DH and be gentle. Many of the women here on the forum, myself included, have fantastic sex lives despite POP. Being nervous after having a baby is normal, but even with POP it was never as difficult as I expected.

It may be that certain type of babywearing are an option. I know as a mom of 3 it is completely necessary to keep my hands free for my older toddlers and it keeps my new baby happy. Look into a rucksack hold and see if it works for you. It keeps the baby snuggled tightly on your upper back and may make the posture easier than if you carry baby on your tummy.

lol yup - i am still having little to no libido... that's not to say we're not having sex - i still do, I just am not really feeling it at the moment.
I personally have always has a low-ish libido for the most part.... but i'm assuming since i still haven't gotten my period and am still breastfeeding - that that's the reason it's lower than usual. And also the fact that I just started feeling more confident and ok with all my bits down there pretty recently, that was another factor affecting it... (well and also having two little ones - that also puts a damper).
So I'm confident it's a temporary thing in any case...
The only way to get the old libido back is to jump back into having sex so we still do. Sex is great for those organs as people have said so don't be afraid that you'll cause any damage. You're going to be pushing everything back to it's proper place when you have sex. Use plenty of lube if you need it, especially early postpartum, especially if you're breastfeeding...

Sorry - I haven't checked the store since the recent re-vamp so i hadn't noticed that the childbearing years one was gone... but really all you need to know is contained in the first aid for prolapse series. It's recently been updated and has everything you need. Luckily for us, the solution to prolapse is the same whether it's post partum or it comes later in life... there are many different paths that have brought us all here and one path back out.

and yeah - i had that tampon falling out feeling all the time, even lying down. It was driving me crazy. I remember one day I got up, packed up both kids, and went to the park... we walked around the whole park for an hour or so in the sun and i just tried my best to do the posture and really made an effort to ignore the tampon feeling and stop being so scared of moving...
i can't tell you when it all started feeling better but slowly, slowly - it did! thanks to Christine, this site, and being properly aligned during post partum healing.