Help with hips


Hello ladies.

So I posted a while ago that I was having pains in my low back. Since then I've been to see my nearest practitioner to check my posture and it all seemed ok which was good. I realised though that I had been stretching my back a lot and I think I was aggravating it so since I've stopped excessively stretching it the pains have all but gone.

So now I have hip pain. It is not so bad but it is certainly a new pain. I notice it mostly after I stand up after a period of inactivity. My hips feel stiff and sore. Walking doesn't aggravate it and it helps to rub the muscles around the joint. I also find that the contact pose is painful at first but then it eases. I am at a loss as to what to do. Is it adjustment and maybe I ignore the pain and hope it goes away? Are there some exercises I could do to help or should I be resting? Do I need saving the hips programme? (I hope not!). Any advice gratefully received. My prolapse feels great at the moment. It's a shame I now have to worry about this!!!


I meant cobra pose not contact. Writing it whilst trying to get my kid to sleep at the same time!

Hi Variable,
It may be that you need to strengthen the muscles around that hip. I was able to do that with Christine's exercises and ww walking, but maybe you do need a little extra help with that. That's ok though, because we are always a work in progress, and paying attention to our symptoms and then proactively taking that next step is what this is all about.
The hips program may be what you need. I have looked at it, and it does seem to cover what you will need to get some more strength in that hip. And our Aussie Souls Sister swears by it!
Or maybe more mindful whole woman walking, or Christine's yoga videos on a regular basis.
Maybe some others will come on with more suggestions.

The gift of Christine's approach is that many of the issues that we can develop are related.
This is why I appreciate Christine's holistic approach so much.
I found out that my debilitating hip issues along with pop are related to the posture and lifestyle that many of us have had.
When our posture is compromised our whole body head to toe, muscles and fascia tendons are shortened and tightened putting pressure on our joints, internal organs, basically squashing them, breathing, tension, balance and so much more.
I was barely able to do any of the other exercises and when I decided to do the hips program I could hardly balance, and now can do all the other exercises, and now learn dance free of pain and hip issues and so much more.
I can only recommend the hips program as the catalyst ( I did the posture alone for some time with immediate relief from knee pain and clicking knee cap while climbing stairs and relearned breathing etc)

I took the exercises slowly, (while constantly working on the posture) and almost daily for some weeks I did the program and now I am living proof that it does work.

Wishing you all the best with your Whole Woman journey,
Aussie Soul Sister

Great advice and much appreciated. I must admit that I have not been particularly diligent with the yoga etc lately but I have been doing quite a bit more walking. Perhaps I need to restore some balance!