Sitting posture


I am wondering if you think sitting on an exercise ball would help me sit in the correct posture. I have watched Christine's videos (my daughter had them from several years ago), visited a PT specialist, and I've been doing the recommended exercises. I do sit at the computer for several hours a day. Sitting on the ball feels to me like my posture is correct - just looking for some feedback.


Hi Kathleen,
I have criteria for sitting on anything and have found that exercise balls too unstable and I have fallen back off one and at the time when I knew I was going to fall and there was absolutely nothing I could do, and am lucky I fell with the door behind me wide open.
The other thing is that if you are new to the posture, it would be difficult if you don't have the required torso strength to maintain stability on one, as they move too easily.
Another is that you can't have your knees higher than your hips and if the ball is not at the correct height to facilitate that then you are putting your internal organs and hip joints at risk. It would have to be blown up firm enough so that you don't sink into it at all, making the risk of rolling and falling off more inevitable.
The rule of thumb, with sitting on any kind of seating is that you need to maintain a 90 degree angle with the hips being the axis, and your feet flat on the floor.
Are you doing PT exercises and if so what are they?
It is likely that if you are doing PT exercises they are different to Christine's approach.

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you, Aussie Soul Sister, for your response. I am doing the WW exercises. The PT I visited was trained by her. I think I am sitting at a 90 degree angle. Had my hubby check. I am going to add air to make the seat firmer.

Hi Kathleen, that's great!
A positive thing about the ball is that it will help you with body awareness, and thus
enabling you to tweak the posture and keep your balance on the ball. I prefer a chair....
I sit on a flat seated chair with the criteria I explained above and keep the posture that way.
Many chairs have sloping seats and backs, however if I had a bench seat I would be ok as well as I don't rest on the backs of chairs anymore.

Let us know how you go,
Aussie Soul Sister

Had a Bladder lift and hysterectomy several years ago. Dr said hysterectomy would help the bladder lift because the Uterus sits on top of the bladder. Little did I know. anyway now years later as skin has thinned and stretched and ageing I am 69, I am experiencing rectocele for the last several years. I bought the set Saving the Whole women with DVD exercise and book. Baton and belt. Is there anything else that you can recommend. I'm active, still want to ski, but this year I felt my bowel protruding a bit when skiing. I don't want to make my rectocele worse. It goes back up when I bend over at the waist. Wondering if I need a pessary while down hill skiing or do you have another recommendation. Someone said maybe a tampon would work. I haven't tried that.

Hi Lea - I posted my thoughts on skiing here:

As for the tampons, I don't think you'll have any luck there. Rectocele tends to push tampons right out (for myself and many others, this was an early prolapse symptom). However, your situation is very different due to the hyst and bladder lift. It's possible you might find a pessary helpful for active sports, though they are notoriously hard to fit; there are so many different types and sizes and they don't work for everyone. - Surviving