OAB tips needed


Dear wonderful ladies, I wonder if you may be able to help? I have a bladder prolapse, not severe, and an overactive bladder. I have been doing the pee-on pee-off exercises for nearly 3 months, daily, which is really helping in that I am feeling all my pelvic organs seem to be staying in place more as my connective tissues are strengthening. I am feeling frustrated in that when I go walking (after taking a pee and emptying my bladder) I start leaking/dribbling urine as soon as I step on uneven ground, and continue to leak on my walk and feel urgency to pee, until I get back home, sit on the toilet ... and not able to pee! I really hope that my condition will get better and I truly believe that the exercises I'm doing are helping, but are there any tips/hints to help me in this - especially worse when I get pulled along the pathways by my huskie!!! Thank you.

What is the pee-on-pee-off exercise? I have several of Christine's videos and this is not mentioned in any of them but I have seen it mentioned here on the forum multiple times.

Hi Nancy S,
The only other thing I can think of in addition would be working on your posture, because drawing those pelvic organs into the lower belly will put them into better positioning for everything to work more smoothly.
If you are not having any problems with your posture and this continues, a consult with Christine may be the next best step as she knows all the ins and outs of these issues.

Thanks Aging - I think you're right about my posture - it is tricky to keep it on uneven ground! I will try harder on that :)