Deepest Sympathies


Sending our deepest sympathies to dear Surviving, who lost her beautiful 96-year-old mother last night after caring for her full-time for many years.

We love you so much Surviving60!!

Christine and Lanny

My sincere sympathy Surviving on the loss of your Mom. Sending love & light to you as you travel through this journey.

Much love to you and your family Surviving,
from all of us in
Aussie Soul Sister XXXOOO

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. My mother had a long and fulfilling life, and I'm happy to know she is with my dad again. Love to all - Surviving

Condolences dear Surviving60 to you and your family - 96 is a ripe old age if there ever was one. may she rest in peace.

Surviving I believe there is no greater gift than to care for our loved ones. I had the privilege of home caring for my mother-in-law, father and mother and being present when they died. At times it was difficult but I would do it again in a heart beat. I was very fortunate to have the means to do this. My one sadness is the loss no matter how old the are. I feel for you for I know what this is like.

Thank you ladies, your well wishes are very much appreciated. - Surviving

Im so grateful and honored to have read passages on this forum of your experiences nursing your mom. It has allowed me to expand my perspective. THank you and a virtual hug from me and my mom.

Thanks chickenfeet. I appreciate your post and hope you and your mom are doing OK these days! - Surviving