Hello Ladies.

I'm back with an update.About 8months ago I posted in the forum that I have a rectocele, I'm pregnant and scared if the prolapse won't get after birth.I was eleven weeks pregnant then.I had a very smooth pregnancy,the rectocele did not give me any problems.Sometimes I'd even forget that I have a prolapse and I was very active.

At three weeks postpartum I started feeling full in my vagina,well that didn't worry me that much because I knew my Pop was crying for attention since I wasn't really staying in WWPosture because of the pain from the stitches.By the time the Pop was announcing its presence the stitched areas had just got healed so I got back into fully staying in WWPosture.I am now seven weeks postpartum,it's like I do not have a pop.There are no pains,heaviness or fullness,no bulges.

Well, this is what we like to hear! Keep up the great work. I wish every new mom with prolapse issues could achieve this......to be able to enjoy your new little one without the fear and panic that comes with a new discovery of prolapse. A little knowledge, properly applied, can enhance our quality of life immeasurably. So happy for you! - Surviving

lolloM - wonderful news!
Lovely to hear from you that you are doing so well,
with WW. Congratulations on your new baby!
Much love and best wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you very much ladies.

I love positive updates!! Yeahhhh!! I’m almost a week PP & wondering when my prolapse will make its way back down. I’ve been staying in bed resting as much as possible & when I’m out of bed in WW posture. I’ve started some light belly breathing where I pull up towards my diaphragm. The exercise is from WW childbearing dvd; although I wonder if a week PP is too soon for that? It’s not intense like fire breathing just a very light pull up.