This question is embarrassing and rather gross. Nevertheless I'm asking it and would appreciate any input from other ladies facing something similar. Due to my rather profound prolapse, I find it difficult to wipe properly after a bowel movement, as the prolapse seems to get in the way. Any suggested remedies? I also have to wear panty liners due to discharge (mucus) from the prolapse, with occasional spotting, probably from the prolapse tissue chaffing against my underwear. I have not had surgery, nor do I wish to have any. I have been absent from the forum for some time due to life happenings.

Hi Sevilla - some extra firebreathing and jiggling prior to going to the bathroom, and of course being diligent about your toileting position as described by Christine, should help you get those organs out of the way. And of course, living in the posture all day long.

Prolapse does not have a mucus discharge. Cystocele/rectocele are simply bulges in the vaginal walls caused by the displaced organs on the other side. Of course, this tissue can chafe if it's coming in contact with your underwear all day long. If it's uterine prolapse, well, you could have a mucus discharge but it isn't because you have prolapse.

Besides working harder to keep your organs inside, you can always use a spray bottle of water to help clean yourself off. - Surviving

I'd say everything surviving suggests above, but also with a profound prolapse, you can stand and bend over to finish wiping. The pelvic organs fall into the lower belly in this position making it easier to get clean without rubbing on them. I do it with my legs spread in a half squat, and it works for me on bulgy days.
Do some jiggling and firebreathing afterwards, and stand up in strong whole woman posture.

Thanks Surviving and Aging.

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hi sevilla - since prolapsing last year, I've noticed on a handful of occasions that I've had skid marks (?!) which hasn't happened to me since I was a child. I know that this is because of incomplete emptying and since I've never splinted and don't want to start, and I no longer try to push any last bits out, I just kinda deal with it. I don't really want to start carrying wet wipes with me but I may have to look into some biodegradable forms of moist toilettes for when I'm at work or out of the house.
There have been many discussions on here about having to wipe a lot to get clean, never feeling quite clean, etc. so I figure it's all part of this journey.
If your organs are so in the way that you can't get a good wipe then I think, as surviving says above, you want to try everything to get those organs up and out of the way throughout the day and especially prior to going to the loo. hopefully some good jiggling and/or getting on hands and knees prior (if possible - i know we're often at work or out on the town) will move everything out of the way.

I would agree. Long before prolapse I had gotten into a routine of wearing a liner every day, just to keep my undies nice, and if I buy long ones, they can protect against both vaginal secretions and those annoying skidmarks. I think that not only prolapse, but also diet and the resulting characteristics of your BMs, can create these incomplete emptying issues, which are just something to live with. The WW work is all about getting those organs out of the way for all the activities of daily life, and that includes toileting/wiping, so Sevilla, just keep working on all of that. - Surviving

I agree about trying the get the anal area clean. For me, A trip back and a couple of extra wipes later usually does the trick. But, when the cervix is sticking out, it can be especially frustrating trying not to get poop on it; that's why I like to do a stand and bend over to get it out of the way. Wiping is much easier this way. Especially bulgy days really require some creativity, and plenty of jiggling and firebreathing! Lol!

Hi Typicalme,

Thanks for replying. Not sure what you meant by skid marks?

I've not had to splint, and thankfully my BM's are OK. Re the wiping, I think I'll take aging's advice and stand up from the toilet seat and then bend over. Sounds like a very good idea.

Re urination. I go down on all fours (once or twice a day) in the bathtub, to get a good(ish) flow going. Seems to work quite well.


skidmarks - just means fecal matter ending up on your underwear after you feel like you've already wiped clean... used to happen occasionally as a child but never as an adult.

And now that I think about it - like you said surviving - some of that might have to do with just diet, trying to get more regular, getting older. I'm now blaming every little thing on prolapse and my 4th degree tear but some things just happen.... my mom has always worn panty liners - even post menopause and up to this day... and she doesn't have any prolapse issues (or any that would be bad enough for her to notice).

Firebreathing is working really good for me, but where can I find something about jiggling. I have the streaming about First Aid for prolapse and the book and the DVD's about yoga.
Kindly regards

Hi Whitelotus,
Jiggling was actually created by one of our members some time ago. It is used before firebreathing to get those stubborn pelvic organs into a better place so the firebreathing can be more effective, but if you are doing fine with just the firebreathing, then do that. There is no rule that you have to do the jiggling! I just know it has helped tremendously with the more severe uterine prolapse. Getting the uterus into a more optimal position really helps with the success of firebreathing.
All you do is bend forward touching the floor, chair, stair, back of tub, and jiggle or bounce. I have even done a little jumping which really gets things on the move! Do some firebreathing after, and then stand up in strong whole woman posture.
Hope that helps.

Thank you, Aging gracefully. Now I will try the jiggling too :-)

I use a non scented baby wipe every time I have a bowl motion - I always find the toilet paper is in bits all around my bottom area so I like to remove these bits as well. I use Poise pads and have the thicker ones - 16 in the packet of these. I never throw them down the loo but wrap them in a bit of toilet paper and into the rubbish or fire. The wipes do not seem to aggravate my bits down there and I find it is better to be clean before finishing.