Is it yeast or just the bladder prolapse rubbing the vaginal opening causing itching


Hi there,
My mom needs alot of coaxing nowadays to stand up so activities have come to a halt while putting other supports and strategies into place to keep her dry and having a nice day. While learning what works and how to get her to the toilet or to keep her dry, 3 little pimples became a bit more along the diaper leg. THey are cleared up now . I dont want them to come back.
Is some zinc barrier a daily necessity from now on and never again can she sit for over two hours.

This caregiver kept bringing me free diapers and showed me how to just cut them and use them for doublers. I prefer Tena brand and if i double them on trips, i cut a few openings in the pad and place it into a pull up so the urine can actually flow through.
In any case, it is after using these free diapers that i began to have to deal with some vaginal and skin issues down below.
Is that fair to think this is the cause? Does irritated tissue cause the itching or yeast?

We also walk 2 times a day for 10-15 min and i am thinking the heat has created friction and this causes scratching?
I am also thinking one morning when i went to get her up, she pooped in her diaper and that stool might have been an additional stressor for the skin?

I Don't over do any fruiit or carbs or juices. She has daily probiotics. 2 spoons of fat per meal.
Bowels are slow but does it sound like yeast?

Any tips on keeping her from scratching during the night or early morning before i can get to her. I was told to not use the diaper during the day and to have her sleep without a diaper as well.

But the bed pads won't hold much urine. I can probably put towels over the cotton washable bed pad and then cover that with a synthetic type wool cover which is thick and if she pees, it will go down to the towels and the fake wooly topper will sort of remain dry and allow air to circulate. But i am not sure as i never used them this way. Anyone deal with this before?

I can put mittens on her i suppose,


I'm not an expert on this, but I think in your situation I might try some zinc-based diaper-rash ointment on the bad spots, and cover loosely with gauze or something to help prevent the scratching. Look for a good natural brand that is free of unwanted additives like parabens.

Soaking the bed every single night, just seems like no way to live, for either one of you. If she is incontinent day and night, I think you need to figure out a way to keep her in diapers. We can usually solve a baby's diaper-rash problems without taking them completely out of diapers; hopefully you can do the same. The less fussing over things, the better, for both of you. - Surviving

Hi chickenfeet,
I agree with surviving about keeping it simple. I can tell you from a nursing home perspective what we did to keep incontinent residents clean and from developing skin issues. We kept them in diapers/depends during the day. When toileting, we would use wet wipes or washed them with a mild soap and water, drying the skin softly, usually patting it rather than rubbing. Followed up with a barrier cream when needed, which was whatever we had available at the time. I used many different kinds at the different places I worked.
In the better nursing homes we had these nice sized cloth pads on the bed, and we would layer about three of them strategically so as not to get the bed wet. We liked our residents to get a little air at night to let the skin breath a little. For heavy wetters, we would just pull the pad up between the legs a little to catch the urine so it didn't get all over the sheets.
Hope that helps some.