Help w/ Positive Self-Talk for Prolapse


Hello Wonderful Community!!!

I would love to know what others do for positive self-talk during symptomatic times or just plain ol' sad moments while continuing to work on posture and all the things taught here.

--For example, maybe your cystocele is extra prolapse-y feeling, so much so that it keeps pulling your attention from other things and it's hard to feel positive.

--Or maybe your rectocele is so symptomatic that you are having to "digitally disimpact" yourself over and over rather than being able to spend time doing other things (say, with family or friends).

(I have both, as well as uterine prolapse - though not as bad as the other two - and also have a autoimmune, inflammatory, and viral issues. So this is definitely a marathon and not a sprint!! I'm sure plenty of marathoners need good self-talk to keep going as well!)

**note: I am not looking for techniques or exercises or dietary suggestions; Christine has given us a wealth of information and options. And I watch the videos over and over - that helps :)

I'm looking for how people self-soothe their minds during distressingly symptomatic times and keep themselves from getting freaked out/scared/hopeless. Things maybe like "Thousands of other women are going through this exact same thing."

Any feedback would be truly appreciated!

hi Yes to Healing... my prolapse occurred and was at its worst post partum, so I was dealing with adjusting to a new baby, breastfeeding, caring for a toddler too etc. so it was really kind of a whirlwind.
reading this site every night really helped me get positive. I'd search for all sorts of key words depending on my worries/fears and then find a particular user and track them and then read everything they've posted. seeing their progress through the years helped so much to put my mind at ease.... especially since the stories here are from women from all walks of life, ages, countries... going back over 10 years.

the other thing i kept telling myself was that this was a fairly benign condition that is suffered by so many millions of women... it's natural (someone on here said that a doctor told them that if they examined every woman they'd find some level of prolapse in most all of them), and the most important thing that got me over the fear and loathing hurdle was the reassurance that I could do most anything I wanted to do, even with this prolapse.
Every time I started sliding back in my thoughts I kept looking forward - taking each day at a time and being super patient, which is super hard for me - i'm a fast person.
I pictured my organs a lot- i picture tipping them forward... I used to get on hands and knees all the time and just breathe deep and picture them pressing into my lower belly.

and as i type this - the best thing I ever did while feeling bulgy or fragile or mad or whatever - i'd live life. I'd go do something and get moving and i'd forget how bad i was feeling. the first few months i found myself recoiling from social situations and finally I just got on with it, despite not feeling great. and that turned into a cycle - realizing nothing terrible had happened, nothing had fallen out, and I was fine - that led to doing more, and so on, until I was leading a 'normal' life. each episode of panic and fear was less than the earlier ones...

anyway - I'll stop now as I have a tendency to ramble :) hope some of this helped... i think time is the best thing. as long as you keep working on it and let time pass, each bulgy/crappy day should be better than the last and when you see that happening, you can easily talk yourself out of the low days.
oh and when I had days that were symptom-free (or almost) - I remembered them... next time i was feeling low I would think - well, I had a really good day or 2 - it's bound to happen again!

Thank you so much, Typicalme. So many wonderful suggestions, I got teary-eyed with gratitude as I read your thoughtful response. I'll read again though less blurry eyes!

yes to healing! and that's a wonderful user name.... you're gonna make me cry - i'm so glad I could provide some comfort. I have read this site through tears many a night - tears of relief, tears of connection with other women, tears of gratitude... never tears of sadness about my situation tho - and never tears of fear or anger... always good tears!
much love to you :)